Swissbit at GPEC 2024


Bronschhofen, Switzerland. April 4, 2024 – For the first time, storage and security specialist Swissbit will be represented at the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) to be held from May 6 to 8, 2024 in Leipzig, Germany. GPEC is the largest closed-to-the-public special event for police and other security agencies in Europe. Swissbit will present its innovative iShield Archive solution in Hall 2 at Booth J41. The microSD card was developed especially for the secure retention of video and image recordings, making it ideal for use by police agencies, government authorities, and other organizations where the confidentiality of sensitive data and privacy protection as per GDPR have top priority. Several state police agencies in Germany are already using iShield Archive cards in drones.

The secure storage of evidence plays a central role in police operations. With iShield Archive, police agencies can ensure that video and image recordings of crime scenes, deployments or observations remain confidential and safe from unauthorized access at all times. The microSD card encrypts all data on the hardware side with the proven AES 256-bit standard for the highest level of security.   Since it is compatible with all popular camera types, it can be easily integrated into existing systems. With iShield Archive, authorities can add another layer of security to drones, body cams and numerous other types of cameras.

Plug-and-play for easy operation

Setting up iShield Archive is easy. With the free iShield Archive Tool (iAT), administrators can configure the security settings and assign user PINs. Once set up, the iShield Archive card records the data on its hardware reliably and encrypted with AES 256-bit.

Access protection via user PIN and WORM mode

After the camera has been turned off or the microSD card removed from it, the data recorded on iShield Archive is no longer visible. It can be read, downloaded or deleted only with the iAT software and the correct user PIN. Optionally, the data can also be protected from deletion with an admin PIN, which is why the iShield Archive can also be used in environments with role-based access controls.

In the so-called WORM (write once, read many) mode, regular users have only read access via their user PIN and are therefore unable to change or delete data. This method is particularly suitable for storing evidence or other sensitive data that must be archived in a manner that is legally secure and cannot be altered.

Field-tested: Agencies rely on iShield Archive

The increasing importance of data security and privacy in police work is also reflected in the acceptance of iShield Archive. Several German state police agencies are already using the microSD card to protect sensitive data in their drones.

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