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Net Universe becomes distribution partner for Swissbit’s FIDO2 solutions

IT service provider Net Universe and Swissbit have entered a sales partnership. Net Universe is thus expanding its cybersecurity portfolio and will now offer Swissbit’s iShield Key product series for protecting online accounts with the strongest and most flexible hardware authentication, led by the hardware security token iShield Key Pro. Net Universe seamlessly integrates IT and logistics, offering global technology services alongside comprehensive logistics solutions and operating storage services within their own warehouses.


スイスビット、信頼性と耐久性を追求した高性能PCIe SSD「N3202シリーズ」を発表

N3202は、堅牢な設計、Swissbitの電源損失保護(PLP)機能であるパワーセーフ(powersafe)™および高度なセキュリティ機能を搭載することで、各種産業用途、ネットコムおよびエンタープライズストレージアプリケーションに向けて卓越した信頼性と耐久性を提供します。新しいN3202はPCI Express M.2 2280フォーム・ファクターを採用し、PCIe Gen 4x4レーン・インターフェースを利用して高速データ転送を実現します。



今後加賀ソルネットは、スイスビットが提供するプラグアンドプレイ型のセキュリティ製品である「iShield Key」、「iShield HSM」、「iShield Carera/Archive」、「Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi」の取り扱いを開始し、サイバーセキュリティソリューションのポートフォリオを拡大します。Swissbit セキュリティ製品ファミリーは、加賀ソルネット様および加賀ソルネット様のリセラーパートナーから入手可能です。


Cybersecurity Leader Kai Imgenberg joins Swissbit

Imgenberg comes from Aware, Inc. to become Sales Director for Embedded IoT Solutions for Swissbit NA

Swissbit is pleased to announce the appointment of Kai Imgenberg as Sales Director for Embedded IoT Solutions. In this strategic role, Kai will lead a team of IoT sales professionals, driving Swissbit's vision to become a premier FIDO2 solution provider in North America. He will also play a pivotal role in expanding Swissbit's end-to-end embedded IoT security business across the B2B market, covering everything from chip to cloud.


Swissbit Introduces the N3202

High-Performance PCIe SSD Engineered for Reliability and Endurance

Swissbit is broadening its portfolio of high-performance PCIe SSDs with the N3202, which bridges the gap between pure industrial solutions and enterprise or data center SSDs. With its robust design, integrated Swissbit powersafe PLP technology, and advanced security features, the N3202 is engineered to deliver unmatched reliability and endurance for industrial, NetCom, as well as enterprise storage applications.





日時:2023年11月28日(火)15:00 - 16:10




Swissbit、次世代3D NAND技術を採用した産業用SATA SSDの新ポートフォリオを発表

最新のX-7xシリーズは、品質とイノベーションに対するSwissbitの取り組みを反映した製品です。製品寿命を延ばすことで総所有コスト(TCO)の削減を実現するとともに、一部の製品については、業界をリードするSwissbitの電源損失保護(PLP)機能であるパワーセーフ(powersafe)™を搭載しています。新たなSSD製品であるX-7xシリーズはフォーム・ファクター別に、2.5インチの「X-73」と「X-75 P」、M.2(2280および2242)の「X-75m.2」と「X-78m.2」、スリムSATAの「X-75s」と全5種が取り揃えられており、40GBから最大1.92TBまでの幅広い容量を提供します。


Research consortium sets standards in the field of open source hardware

HEP research project has presented an open, flexible design for a security chip

The project "Hardening the value chain through open source, trusted EDA tools and processors (HEP)", funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), uses open source, free components and tools to manufacture a chip at the IHP – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics. Among other companies and research institutions, Swissbit Germany AG is an associated partner of the project.


New Portfolio of Real Industrial-Grade SATA SSDs

The series X-73, X-75 and X-78 are powered by cutting-edge industrial 112-layer 3D NAND technology, bringing unprecedented reliability and extended lifespan to the world’s most crucial networks. The new portfolio not only offers reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to its extended product life cycle, but also comes with powersafe SSDs – Swissbit’s industry-leading power loss protection feature. With an industry-leading 100k P/E cycles, the high endurance versions in pSLC mode are aimed at addressing the increasing market demand for durable and reliable data storage solutions.



E1.SおよびU.2フォームファクターを採用し、高い電力消費効率を実現するPCIe Gen4 SSD

産業向けフラッシュストレージ製品の独立系メーカー・Swissbit は、エンタープライズサーバーおよびエッジコンピューティング用途に向けたエンタープライズSSD「N5200」を発表し、データセンターソリューションのポートフォリオを拡充しました。Swissbit初のエンタープライズSSD製品であるN5200は信頼性、耐久性、拡張性を兼ね備え、ミッションクリティカルなアプリケーションに最適な製品です


Low Power & High Performance: Swissbit Launches Enterprise SSD

PCIe Gen4 SSD in E1.S and U.2 form factors offers industry-leading IOPS-per-watt ratio

The N5200 Enterprise SSD combines reliability, durability, and scalability, making it the ideal choice for mission-critical applications. The SSD is a particularly efficient storage solution that consumes up to 30 percent less power than other PCIe Gen4 SSDs while delivering up to twice the performance. The N5200 range is Swissbit's first SSD solution available in Enterprise and Data Center Standard Form Factor (EDSFF) E1.S in addition to U.2. It is available in storage capacities from 1.92 to 7.68 TB.


Swissbit at it-sa 2023

This year, Swissbit is once again represented at Europe's largest IT security trade fair, it-sa. In Nuremberg, the company will present a selection of security solutions from the iShield portfolio, in which Swissbit has bundled its plug-and-play security products.

At the booth of the Germering-based ICT distributor ALLNET in Hall 6, Booth 344, Swissbit will show, among other things, the new, self-encrypting microSD card iShield Archive for the protection of sensitive data. In addition, visitors can expect a demo of the hardware security key iShield Key Pro and how it can be used in the field of access control in addition to its function as a FIDO stick.


IPCEI Microelectronics: Swissbit receives funding intent for “True-MEM” project

At the “Microelectronics: Key to Transformation,” event held on September 18, 2023 at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Swissbit Germany AG received a symbolic funding intent for several million euros. As an associated partner of the IPCEI Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT), Swissbit will receive funding for the “True-MEM” project, the overarching aim of which is to expand trusted supply and value chains for critical microelectronics components.


Swissbit、機密情報を保護するメモリカード「iShield Archive」を発表

iShield Archiveは、重要データの機密性とGDPR法に沿ったデータ保護を最優先事項とするメーカーやユーザーを特に対象とした製品です。このmicroSDカードは、端末に依存しないため一般的なカメラであれば利用が可能です。このプラグアンドプレイシステムは、保険会社や政府機関、セキュリティ対策に取り組むあらゆる組織に対して、いかなる状況でも権限のない人々によって記録データが閲覧、コピー、消去されないことを保証する効果的なソリューションを提供します。


Swissbit introduces iShield Archive

microSD card with encryption function offers reliable access protection for video and image data

The card is intended particularly for manufacturers and users for whom sensitive data confidentiality and data protection in line with GDPR legislation are top priorities. It can be used host-independently with all common camera types. The plug-and-play system offers insurance firms, governments, or security organizations an effective solution to guarantee that recordings are never viewed, copied, or erased by unauthorized people under any circumstances.


Swissbit、D1200 データセンター SSD を発売

最速160万IOPSの高速データ転送を実現するPCIe 4.0 SSDが業界最高レベルのシステムパフォーマンスを提供

SwissbitのD1200 SSDは、データベース、クラウドコンピューティング、メディアストリーミング、人工知能(AI)などデータセンターのアプリケーションで要求されるワークロードに最適化されています。D1200は卓越した性能、高い信頼性、NVMeの特長に加えて、要求の厳しいクラウドアプリケーションに適したセキュリティ機能を備えています。また、大幅な性能劣化を起こしやすい標準的なデータセンター向けSSDと比べ、D1200は耐用期間を通じて高いシステムパフォーマンスを維持することができます。


SoftGiken becomes distribution partner of Swissbit

ICT distributor expands its IT security portfolio with solutions from Swissbit's iShield product family  

The Japanese-based software house and IT product distributor, SoftGiken and Swissbit have entered a sales partnership for the Japan region. SoftGiken is thus expanding its IT security portfolio and will now offer selected security solutions from the iShield product brand, under which Swissbit has grouped its plug-and-play security products, which are iShield Key Pro and iShield HSM.



ソフト技研はSwissbit iShield製品でITセキュリティ製品のポートフォリオを拡大

Swissbitは、ソフトウェアハウスおよびIT製品販売会社である株式会社ソフト技研 と日本地域におけるディストリビューター契約を締結しました。今後ソフト技研は、スイスビットが提供するプラグアンドプレイ型のセキュリティ製品である「iShield Key Pro」および「iShield HSM」の取り扱いを開始し、ITセキュリティソリューションのポートフォリオを拡大します。


Swissbit Launches D1200 Datacenter SSD

PCIe Gen4 SSD with up to 1.6 million IOPS outperforms mainstream solutions and offers industry's highest system performance

The new D1200 SSD is optimized for workloads demanded by applications including databases, cloud computing, media streaming or artificial intelligence (AI). It combines outstanding performance values, reliability and an extended NVMe feature set, including security functions for demanding cloud applications. Compared to existing mainstream data center SSDs, which are prone to significant performance degradation, D1200 delivers the highest sustained system performance over its lifetime.


Swissbit and secure Moodle with FIDO2 authentication

Swissbit and GmbH, one of the DACH region's top integration consultants for the Moodle learning management system, are enhancing security for online learning platforms. The integration of the FIDO2 standard, which allows users to securely log in to the Moodle platform using multi-factor authentication (MFA), is an important initial step in the partnership. The already established Moodle plug-in for "multi-factor authentication" has been extended to integrate FIDO2/WebAuthn on the initiative of both companies and with the help of Swissbit.


Swissbit at Flash Memory Summit 2023

Premiere at the FMS: New Data Center SSD D1200

Swissbit will be returning to the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, California from August 08 to 10, 2023. Swissbit will be introducing its latest Data Center SSD for cloud applications to the North American market. As a US-show exclusive, FMS-visitors will also be treated to a special sneak preview of unique solutions for the Enterprise market. Visitors to booth #515 will experience the company’s newest innovations up-close, including its latest breakthroughs in the realm of Data Center storage.






Mender adds Swissbit as a key security partner

iShield HSM makes OTA software updates even more secure, receiving the "Works with Mender" label

Swissbit is now an official partner of, the company behind Mender, the open-source over-the-air (OTA) update software platform for IoT devices. With its iShield HSM hardware security module, Swissbit offers a security component that ensures the authenticity and integrity of OTA firmware and software updates in terms of a zero-trust network architecture. To certify the suitability and compatibility of iShield HSM as a hardware security anchor for Mender OTA updates, it has received the "Works with Mender" label.


Cost-efficient, small-capacity memory for IIoT and smart city applications

Swissbit introduces e.MMCs and SD memory cards with capacities starting from 4 GB

For the most efficient operation of green IoT applications like charging stations, smart meters, and PV inverters, Swissbit now offers targeted small-capacity storage media. With capacities ranging from 4 to 8 GB, these are ideally suited as boot media or for data logging of small amounts of data, without sacrificing performance or durability.


Swissbit Germany AG is part of the largest EU semiconductor initiative

Swissbit is a partner of the IPCEI Microelectronics and Communication Technologies

On June 8, 2023, the European Commission approved the IPCEI Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT) under state aid law. This paves the way for the promotion of a total of 31 projects aimed at strengthening the microelectronics industry in Germany. As an associated partner and a company based in Berlin, Swissbit Germany AG is among the supported projects.

Swissbit Device Manger



Swissbit Device Managerは製品コンディションのモニタリングおよびファームウェアアップデートに対応した管理ツール


Swissbit Device Manger


Swissbit introduces management tool for storage devices

Swissbit Device Manager offers comprehensive monitoring and is enabled for firmware updates

The most recent version of the Swissbit Device Manager (SBDM) allows customers to initiate firmware updates in addition to giving comprehensive insight into the lifecycle status of Swissbit storage solutions. As a result, the software supports Swissbit customers who are currently in the design-in stages, giving them complete flexibility for extensive testing and customization.

Swissbit at CloudFest USA


Swissbit at CloudFest USA

Swissbit to Showcase Data Center Application Optimized SSDs

Swissbit will participate in the inaugural US-hosted CloudFest USA 2023 in Austin, Texas from May 31 to June 3, 2023. On-site, Swissbit will showcase its solutions for data center applications at booth #8 at the leading infrastructure event for the hosting and cloud industries. The highlight of the show will be the N4200 SSD series developed for data center application profiles. Swissbit will demo its latest technology live at its booth to illustrate how improved efficiency is achieved by using SSDs optimized to a specific customer application profile.


Swissbit at ISC High Performance 2023

SSD firmware optimization for application profiles increases data center efficiency

Swissbit will showcase its data center application solutions at the ISC High Performance conference in Hamburg, Germany from May 21-25, 2023. The highlight on booth #K1007 will be the N4200 SSD series, which has been developed specifically for data center application profiles. Visitors to the Swissbit booth will be able to experience first-hand the efficiency gains that result from application-optimized SSDs during a joint demonstration with Infomaniak, a Swiss cloud service provider.


Joint Press Release: SurePassID and Swissbit

Swissbit and SurePassID Announce Phishing-Resistant, Passwordless User Authentication Solution for Government Agencies and Large Enterprises

Swissbit's new iShield Key Pro hardware authentication device, combined with SurePassID Authentication Server's unmatched scalability and availability, enables the rapid deployment of phishing-resistant, passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) across public cloud, private cloud, and air-gapped networks.


Swissbit が「iShield Key Pro」を発表

この新しいセキュリティキーiShield Key Proはセキュリティ機能の追加によって、パスワードを使用せずに、フィッシングに強い安全な認証およびオンラインアカウント保護を実現します。この認証デバイスは、ワンタイムパスワード生成手法の一つであるHOTPに対応しています。このため、FIDO2が利用できないオフラインやリモートアクセス環境でも、FIDO2に準拠した認証方法への自動フォールバックをシームレスに処理することで認証が可能となります。また、本製品は個人のアイデンティティを管理するPIV技術を用いることで、個人の認証情報を安全に保管することができます。


Swissbit Introduces iShield Key Pro

In addition to the FIDO2 standard, the new hardware token now supports security features like HOTP and PIV

Thanks to the addition of further security standards and features, the new iShield Key Pro provides even more flexibility for secure password-free, phishing-resistant authentication and protection of online accounts. Alongside FIDO2, the stick also supports HOTP to enable automatic fallback to a compliant authentication method with a seamless user experience. In addition, PIV technology ensures secure personal credential storage.


Japan IT Week 春の組込みエッジコンピューティング展にSwissbitが出展します。

産業向けフラッシュストレージ製品の独立系メーカー・Swissbit(日本法人:スイスビットジャパン株式会社、東京都新宿区、代表取締役 友森 健一郎)は、2023年4月5日から7日にかけて東京ビッグサイトで開催のJapan IT Week春の組込みエッジコンピューティング展(ブース:E47-25)に出展し、サーバーおよびデータセンターに向けた容量16TBのSSD製品「N-4200シリーズ」を展示紹介します。


Swissbit at Japan IT Week Spring

In addition to 16TB data center SSDs, Swissbit showcases retrofittable IoT security & new hardware security key

Swissbit is attending the Japan IT Week Spring (Booth: E47-25), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from April 5 to 7, 2023. In addition to the N-4200 Data Center SSD series and flash storage products such as the iShield Archive, a microSD card with encryption and data protection functions, Swissbit will also introduce the new hardware security key iShield Key Pro, and iShield HSM, a hardware security module compliant with AWS IoT Greengrass.


Swissbit at CloudFest 2023

Swissbit Showcases Optimization of SSDs for Data Center Application Profiles

Swissbit will make its first appearance at the world’s leading event for the hosting and cloud industry and will showcase its solutions for data center applications at booth H17. The star of the show will be the N4200 SSD series developed for data center application profiles. Swissbit will hold a demo to illustrate how using SSDs optimized to a specific customer application environment improves efficiency at CloudFest in Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. This came together with the support of the Swiss cloud service provider Infomaniak, which already relies on Swissbit’s SSDs.


Swissbit at embedded world 2023

SATA SSDs with 100,000 P/E cycles, 16 TB data center SSD, retrofittable IoT security and a new FIDO2 security key

In hall 1, booth 1-534, Swissbit will exhibit the latest generation of its SATA SSD X-7x portfolio with 100+ layers of industrial TLC NAND and additional security features. As its latest security solution, Swissbit will showcase the new FIDO-stick iShield FIDO2 Pro and demonstrate how IoT devices can be secured easily and efficiently, even as a retrofit option, using the hardware security module iShield HSM.


Swissbit at EuroShop 2023

New TSE solution is taking shape: Legally compliant TSE offers flexibility of a subscription-based online signature service

Swissbit is looking forward to exhibiting at the retail industry’s principal trade fair, to present the latest advancements in international fiscalization and TSE solutions for the German market. Swissbit will be co-exhibiting on the Partner Tech Europe GmbH booth in Hall 6/E42, where its new cloud TSE strategy will be a key show highlight. A significant step forward in the development of the new TSE solution for the market is already well underway: the certification process at the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) was set in motion the end of last year.




Swissbit(日本法人:スイスビットジャパン株式会社、東京都新宿区、代表取締役 友森 健一郎)は、SLC(シングルレベルセル)フラッシュを採用したSDおよびmicroSDカードの最新世代製品として「S-600シリーズ」を発表しました。SDカードタイプのS-600シリーズは512MBから32GBまで、microSDタイプのS-600uは512MBから2GBの製品が取り揃えられています。


New SLC SD and microSD Cards From Swissbit

S-600 series with true SLC-NAND provides maximum reliability and unsurpassed data retention for critical industrial applications

Swissbit is introducing the S-600 series, the latest generation of SD and microSD cards based on single-level cell flash. Only SLC offers 100,000 P/E cycles, making it ideal for applications that require particularly robust, durable storage solutions. This is especially true for edge IoT applications in critical industrial environments. The high-performance system architecture of the S-600 utilizes Hyperstone's new S9 controller, specifically designed for industrial flash memory cards.


IoT Security: Swissbit collaborates with Micron

Swissbit integrates Authenta root-of-trust secure element technology into selected storage solutions

Swissbit will integrate Authenta technology into select security and storage solutions, making the unique root-of-trust secure element features available to its customer base. The first Swissbit storage product with integrated Authenta technology will be a microSD card, perfect for retrofitting IoT systems. Swissbit and Micron plan to additionally introduce an embedded product in the form of an e.MMC. Further details will be announced by both companies when the products become available.




産業向けフラッシュストレージ製品の独立系メーカー・Swissbit(日本法人:スイスビットジャパン株式会社、東京都新宿区、代表取締役 友森 健一郎)は、独ベルリンの製造拠点において戦略的な拡張計画を続けており、このたび、電子部品の生産に向けて新たな半導体パッケージングラインを開設したことを発表しました。


Swissbit at electronica 2022

Show Highlights: New SSD solutions for data centers, the 3D TLC portfolio and retrofittable security for the IoT

After four years, Swissbit will be returning to electronica in Munich from November 15 to 18. The new U.3 SSD N4200, with which Swissbit has expanded into the data center market, will debut on booth 418 in hall C3. Swissbit will also present its entire 3D-TLC memory portfolio, a range comprising interfaces and form factors suitable for all applications. This year, with the headline of "Talent Meets Industry", Swissbit will also be actively involved in the electronica Student Day, which will be taking place on the final day of the trade fair in hall B5.


Tailor-made for data center applications: Swissbit introduces U.3 SSD N4200

New SSD with unique firmware architecture enables detailed workload analysis and application-specific optimization

Compared to standard data center SSDs, the new N4200 offers two- to five-times faster constant write speed while maintaining low latency and two-times greater endurance over its lifetime. Major advances have been developed thanks to the specially adapted firmware, optimized for real-world data center workloads. The Swissbit N4200 is available with a storage capacity of 8 TB at launch, with a 16 TB version to follow.


Swissbit、AWS IoT Greengrass用のハードウェアセキュリティモジュール「iShield HSM」を発表


SwissbitのiShield HSMは、AWSクラウドの機能をエッジデバイスに拡張するソフトウェア・AWS IoT Greengrassのハードウェアセキュリティ統合(HSI)機能に適合した製品です。そのため、システムインテグレータは本ハードウェアセキュリティモジュールを用いることで、ゲートウェイや産業用コントローラといった既存AWS IoT Greengrassデバイスのアップグレードや後付け作業を簡素化することができます。


iShield HSM: Hardware Security Module for AWS IoT Greengrass

Retrofittable plug-and-play USB security anchor for security key storage in IoT environments

With the addition of iShield HSM, Swissbit has expanded its range of plug-and-play security products. In the form of a USB-A stick, the hardware security module (HSM) enables secure storage of cryptographic keys and credentials required for identification, authentication, and registration of IoT devices. iShield HSM is designed and fully qualified for Hardware Security Integration (HSI) in AWS IoT Greengrass.


New System-In-Package Components Production Line

Multi-million-dollar investment establishes manufacturing capability for solderable electronic components

Swissbit is continuing with its strategic expansion plans at its established production facility in Berlin, Germany by adding a new semiconductor packaging line to its electronics production. The new equipment positions Swissbit as one of the only businesses in Europe able to produce solderable components such as BGAs from small batches to high volumes, with a capacity of up to three million pieces per month.

Data center SSD


Swissbit pursues its growth strategy and enters data center market

Strategic partnership with US company Burlywood for the design of use case tailored data center SSDs

To expand its memory solutions portfolio, Swissbit announces a strategic partnership with data center SSD and storage innovation company Burlywood. The common goal is to develop performance-optimized SSDs that are specifically adapted to the requirements and application profiles of data centers such as Big Data, Video Streaming and Machine Learning.


Claus Gründel named as new General Manager Embedded IoT Solutions

Security expert and management consultant heads up Swissbit's security solutions division

Swissbit is strengthening its business unit for hardware-based security products: Effective immediately, Claus Gründel has been appointed General Manager of the "Embedded IoT Solutions" division. Claus has taken over the position from Swissbit CEO Silvio Muschter who served in a dual capacity since the business unit’s founding in 2019.

Flash Memory Summit


Swissbit at Flash Memory Summit 2022

3D-TLC innovations and sneak preview of security solutions for demanding applications

Swissbit will be returning to the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, California from August 02 to 04, 2022. On booth #515, Swissbit will be showcasing several innovations including its latest N-30 series, which expands the company’s portfolio of 3D TLC storage solutions by serving as a high-performance PCIe SSD for industrial and NetCom applications.


Swissbit、高性能PCIe-SSD N-30m2を発表

要件の厳しい産業用途に適した最大3.84TBストレージ容量の高性能NVMe SSD



Swissbit Introduces High Performance PCIe-SSD N-30m2

High-performance NVMe SSD with storage capacity up to 4 TB for the most demanding industrial applications.

By combining performance, endurance, and large storage capacity in a compact PCIe M.2 module, Swissbit has expanded its range of storage solutions for the most demanding applications with its new N-30m2 range. The new series will be showcased for the first time at embedded world in Nuremberg, Germany.


Swissbit G-20: Industrial CFexpress cards now available

Latest generation of removable storage media offers a unique combination of flexibility, performance, and robustness.

Available today with capacities up to 480 GB, the new CFexpress series features a high-performance interface based on 2-lane NVMe 1.3 and PCIe Gen 3.1 specifications. In addition to variants with 3D TLC NAND (G-20), Swissbit offers a pSLC version (G-26).




CFexpress 2.0規格に対応したSwissbitの新しいG-20シリーズは、3D TLC NANDを採用した「G-20」に加えて、pSLCバージョンの「G-26」が提供されます。いずれも、2レーンNVMe 1.3およびPCIe Gen 3.1仕様の高性能インターフェイスを実装しています。



産業用途向け3D-TLC SDHCおよびSDXCメモリカードの新製品を発表




EuroCIS 2022: TSE solutions range expansion and latest innovations from Swissbit

Show highlights: latest cloud TSE strategy, software extension for LAN TSE solution, fiscalization in international markets

Under the headline "Tomorrow is the new today", EuroCIS 2022 will open its doors on May 31 in Düsseldorf. Swissbit AG, one of Germany’s leading suppliers of technical security equipment (TSE), will be co-exhibiting on the Partner Tech Europe GmbH booth in Hall 9, booth D21.

embedded world 2022


Swissbit at embedded world 2022

3D TLC memory portfolio continues to expand, sneak preview of new security solution

embedded world 2022 will be taking place for the first time as a summer event from June 21 to 23 in Nuremberg, Germany. Swissbit will welcome visitors to its booth 1-534 in Hall 1 and is using the trade show as the perfect opportunity to showcase a number of innovations. As a show exclusive, Swissbit will be revealing the first details of a further new development from its Embedded IoT Solutions division.


Swissbit expands its SD memory card portfolio with the S-55 and S-58 series

New product line launched with 3D-TLC SDHC and SDXC memory cards for industrial applications

With "high reliability" at their core, the new S-55 and S-58 series integrate state-of-the-art technologies, making them the first choice for demanding applications. The new series are based on Micron flash chips and complement Swissbit's existing S-50 and S-56 series, which use Kioxia 3D NAND.


停電からデータを最大限に保護する新たなPLP機能: Swissbitのパワーセーフ™




Advanced Power Loss Protection: Swissbit introduces powersafe

Guaranteed maximum data protection against power outages thanks to intelligent power management features and tantalum capacitors.

For maximum protection, especially in mission-critical applications, Swissbit has now introduced "powersafe", an additional PLP level that also secures data as it transfers from host to controller (Dynamic Data) or from DRAM to NAND (Cached Data).


Fiscalization: Swissbit realigns its cloud TSE strategy

...and announces the introduction of a cloud solution that is even easier to implement and fully compliant with regulatory requirements

The enhanced concept now focuses on a security anchor in the form of a memory card or USB stick for cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems that ensure offline functionality.


Swissbit、高耐久性を兼ね備えた産業用SATA SSD モジュール「X78m2シリーズ」を発表

集中的なライトアクセスが求められる産業用およびネットワークテレコムに向けた3D pSLCベースのフラッシュストレージソリューション



Swissbit Launches X 78m2 High-Endurance Industrial SATA SSD

New 3D pSLC SSD for write-intensive industrial and NetCom storage applications

The new series is designed for especially write-intensive applications, is ideal for audio, video, and data recording, as well as serving as a boot medium, and achieves 2.5 times the endurance of previous generations.


Made in Germany: SwissbitのiShield FIDO2セキュリティキー

Swissbit iShield FIDO2は、ウェブサービスやオンラインアカウントへのアクセス時に利用する認証デバイスで、非対称暗号化およびハードウェアベースのセキュリティキーによって、ログインプロセスにおいて最高水準のセキュリティを提供します。本製品はNFC(近距離無線通信)にも対応しているため、USB Type-Aのほかモバイルデバイスでの使用も可能です。


Secure Online Authentication: Swissbit introduces FIDO2 stick

iShield FIDO2 USB-A / NFC security key protects access to applications and online services

With iShield FIDO2 Swissbit presents its first authenticator for the FIDO2 open authentication standard.The new stick is manufactured at Swissbit’s Berlin facility. As such, it adheres to the expected high-quality standards of workmanship and robustness.


Droneparts equips German police with microSD card "iShield Camera"

Specialist for multicopter systems meets police force requirements with security solution from Swissbit

When Droneparts started looking for an efficient way to encrypt and protect access to drone footage, they discovered exactly what they needed at Swissbit: the iShield Camera microSD card enables drones to be retrofitted...


SwissbitのSDメモリカード「PS-46 DP」が、独フェニックス・コンタクト社のソフトウェアライセンス管理に貢献





最新の産業グレードの3D NAND e.MMCシリーズが、信頼性とコスト効率に優れた堅牢なメモリソリューションを提供



BGA device for embedded applications: EM-30 from Swissbit available now

Latest industrial-grade 3D NAND e.MMC series offers a robust, reliable and cost-efficient memory solution

With the new series, Swissbit has responded to the increasing demands of embedded systems for ultra-small, vibration-resistant designs with escalating memory capacity requirements. In addition to durability and a temperature range of -40 up to +105 °C, EM-30 also offers additional features...


Swissbit、セキュリティ機能を備えたmicroSDメモリーカード「iShield Camera」を発表


SwissbitのiShield Cameraは、カード内に保存されたビデオなどのデータを暗号化し、不正アクセスから保護するセキュリティメモリカードで、端末に依存しないためカメラやドローンなどさまざまな装置での利用が可能です。


Swissbit at it-sa 2021: Security solutions for the protection of data and devices

Hardware-based security for the IoT and more

Firmly established as the “Home of IT Security”, it-sa 2021 will once again be opening its doors at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 12 October as a live, in-person event. Swissbit AG will use this opportunity at Europe's largest IT security trade fair to present its latest...


Phoenix Contact to use Swissbit Memory Cards for Secure Portable Licensing

Phoenix Contact will manage the distribution of software licenses for its PLCnext Control automation platform using secure industrial-grade memory cards from Swissbit.

The Data Protection Edition of the Swissbit PS-46 DP SD-memory card functions as a secure license container while accelerating the roll-out and commissioning process for Phoenix Contact customers.


Plug-&-play Security: Swissbit launches new ‘iShield Camera’ memory card

New microSD card enables encryption and access protection of video and image data for numerous applications.

The new unique microSD product series has been specially developed for the encryption and access protection of video recording and image capture. It is host-agnostic and can therefore be used with a wide range of camera types and functions.


X-86m2 and F-86: New SATA III portfolio with 3D-NAND from Swissbit.

Highest reliability for industrial applications in M.2 2242 and CFast™ formats.

The X-86m2 series in the ultra-compact M.2 2242 form factor and the CFast™ card F-86 show off their full performance capabilities, especially as robust boot and application drives, and set themselves apart with a perfectly coordinated feature set.


embedded world DIGITAL: Highlights and innovations from Swissbit

Industry-optimized memory products for a wide range of applications & hardware-based security solutions for the IoT

At embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, Swissbit will focus on its expanding memory solutions portfolio of highly reliable, industrial-grade product ranges.


fiskaltrust integrates Swissbit TSE into its fiscalization solution

Modular Swissbit TSE portfolio creates full flexibility for customers of the middleware specialist

fiskaltrust GmbH, a leading provider of end-to-end fiscalization solutions, is expanding its portfolio to include Swissbit's certified TSEs (Technical Security Devices).