Press Releases 2021


BGA device for embedded applications: EM-30 from Swissbit available now

Latest industrial-grade 3D NAND e.MMC series offers a robust, reliable and cost-efficient memory solution

With the new series, Swissbit has responded to the increasing demands of embedded systems for ultra-small, vibration-resistant designs with escalating memory capacity requirements. In addition to durability and a temperature range of -40 up to +105 °C, EM-30 also offers additional features...



适用于严苛应用的稳健可靠的3D NAND SD存储卡

Swissbit推出有针对性的新产品S-50和S-56系列,扩充其著名的工业级SD存储卡产品线。这一全新产品基于工业级3D NAND技术,将闪存芯片与功能强大的控制器和高端固件集成起来,以在稳健的外壳中提供最高的可靠性。


Swissbit at it-sa 2021: Security solutions for the protection of data and devices

Hardware-based security for the IoT and more

Firmly established as the “Home of IT Security”, it-sa 2021 will once again be opening its doors at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 12 October as a live, in-person event. Swissbit AG will use this opportunity at Europe's largest IT security trade fair to present its latest...


Swissbit 推出用于高端工业应用的 CFast™ 存储卡 F-800

使用 SLC-NAND 技术、极其稳健,适用于耐久应用

为满足在高可靠性启动盘和可移动数据存储领域久经考验的 CFast™ 格式不断增长的需求,Swissbit 推出了最新的 F-800 产品系列。F-800 采用了高品质 SLC-NAND 闪存芯片和最新的控制器固件,为嵌入式系统和工业应用提供最高等级的性能、耐久性和可靠性。


Swissbit 宣布长期供应 SD 卡和 CompactFlash 卡 S-250 和 C-350

保证:继续提供用于老式系统的存储卡 7 年。

Swissbit 宣布延长其基于 SLC 的 SD 存储卡、microSD 存储卡和 CompactFlash™ 卡的供货。这使得已经在自动化、铁路和航空电子系统中长期运行的嵌入式控制单元能够继续工作。


Phoenix Contact to use Swissbit Memory Cards for Secure Portable Licensing

Phoenix Contact will manage the distribution of software licenses for its PLCnext Control automation platform using secure industrial-grade memory cards from Swissbit.

The Data Protection Edition of the Swissbit PS-46 DP SD-memory card functions as a secure license container while accelerating the roll-out and commissioning process for Phoenix Contact customers.


Swissbit EM-30:工业级3D-NAND e.MMC-5.1 BGA




适用于工业应用的小型高可靠性PCIe M.2 SSD

Swissbit N-20m2——稳健的PCIe-3.1 4x小型低功耗SSD

该存储解决方案面向小型嵌入式系统和路由器,N-20m2是这些设备的理想启动设备。除M.2 2230尺寸外,也有2242和2280标准尺寸可供选择。


即插即用的安全功能:Swissbit推出全新“iShield Camera”存储卡




Plug-&-play Security: Swissbit launches new ‘iShield Camera’ memory card

New microSD card enables encryption and access protection of video and image data for numerous applications.

The new unique microSD product series has been specially developed for the encryption and access protection of video recording and image capture. It is host-agnostic and can therefore be used with a wide range of camera types and functions.


X-86m2和F-86:Swissbit推出全新的3D-NAND SATA III产品

具有极高可靠性的用于工业应用的M.2 2242和CFast™存储器

超小型M.2 2242尺寸的X-86m2系列和CFast™存储卡F-86具有强劲的性能,特别适用于作为稳健的引导和应用程序驱动器,并且加入了Swissbit的独家功能。


X-86m2 and F-86: New SATA III portfolio with 3D-NAND from Swissbit.

Highest reliability for industrial applications in M.2 2242 and CFast™ formats.

The X-86m2 series in the ultra-compact M.2 2242 form factor and the CFast™ card F-86 show off their full performance capabilities, especially as robust boot and application drives, and set themselves apart with a perfectly coordinated feature set.


embedded world DIGITAL: Highlights and innovations from Swissbit

Industry-optimized memory products for a wide range of applications & hardware-based security solutions for the IoT

At embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, Swissbit will focus on its expanding memory solutions portfolio of highly reliable, industrial-grade product ranges.


fiskaltrust integrates Swissbit TSE into its fiscalization solution

Modular Swissbit TSE portfolio creates full flexibility for customers of the middleware specialist

fiskaltrust GmbH, a leading provider of end-to-end fiscalization solutions, is expanding its portfolio to include Swissbit's certified TSEs (Technical Security Devices).