Data Storage for Medical Equipment

We rely on medical instruments in the most critical conditions of our lives. There is no tolerance for malfunctioning systems. Swissbit understands these requirements and serves the medical industry with storage products that fulfill the highest quality standards.

Additionally, Swissbit’s secure storage products protect the patient's medical data against unauthorized access. Find further information in our flyer.


There is a vast array of medical applications, ranging from diagnostic instruments as MRI and CT scanners, ultrasound systems, to blood testing and dialysis machines and infusion pumps. The amount of data stored can be small, as in heart rate monitoring equipment for example, or large as in X-Ray imaging. Nonetheless there is one common aspect: qualifying and certifying components for medical use is a lengthy, expensive task and the timeline from the initial testing to volume production may extend over several years. Any requalification needs to be avoided as much as possible.

This requires storage products that have a frozen BOM and long availability for many years. The portfolio of products for medical use ranges from SD/ microSD memory cards or CF cards for handheld medical appliances, to 2.5” or M.2 SSDs with high bandwidth and capacity for medical imaging.

Key requirements:

  • Highest quality: medical treatment or diagnostic devices may not fail
  • Robust design: medical systems are prone to shock, vibration, humidity, liquids, radiation
  • Longevity: qualification of medical systems may take months to years. Service life is expected to be for several years, locked BOM is mandatory.

Overview of Storage Products for Medical Equipment

Medical device Read / Write intensity Capacity demand Storage type Recommended series
Handheld diagnostics mostly read low uSD, SD, e.MMC S-50, S-50u, EM-30
Infusion pump
mostly read low uSD, SD, e.MMC S-50, S-50u, EM-30
Gas monitoring
mostly read low uSD, SD, e.MMC, CFast S-50, S-50u, EM-30
Ventilation unit
mostly read low uSD, SD, e.MMC, CFast S-50, S-56, S-50u, S-56u, EM-30, F-86
Patient monitor mostly write mid SD, CFast, m.2 SSD S-56, S-56u, F-86, X-75m2, N-20m2, N-30m2
Sleep monitor
mostly write mid uSD, SD S-56, S-58, S-56u, S-58u
Ultrasound monitor
mostly write mid to high CFast, m.2 SSD, 2.5” SSD F-86, F-66, X-75, X-75m2, N-20m2, N-30m2
Configuration storage mixed read / write low USB key U-50k, U-50n, PU-50n
Blood testing mostly write mid SD, e.MMC S-56, S-58, EM-36
Remote controller mostly write mid SD, e.MMC S-56, S-58, EM-36
Chemical analyzer heavy write mid to high m.2, 2.5” SSD X-75,  X-76, X-75m2, X-76m2,
N-20m2, N-26m2, N-30m2, N-36m2
Endoscopy heavy write mid to high m.2, 2.5” SSD X-75,  X-76, X-75m2, X-76m2,
N-20m2, N-26m2, N-30m2, N-36m2
CT, X-Ray imaging heavy write very high 2.5” SSD X-75, N-30m2, N-3000



  • Diagnostics
  • Medical imaging
  • Medical treatment
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Monitoring systems
  • Augmented reality
  • Medical vision

10 Years

The longevity products supply commitment of up to 10 years



Medical technology

The new GDPR legislation concerning data protection requires high security standards if patient data are concerned. Swissbit’s secure storage products protect the patients‘medical data against unauthorized access, which can happen during medical equipment service by external technicians, data transport on USB devices or storage within portable devices.

Use Case Example:

Medical Imaging

With high-resolution MRI images, data volumes of several gigabytes can quickly arise. The data rate must remain consistently high. Because of the changing strong magnetic impulses, the storage media must be immune to magnetic influences. These changes also cause vibrations. The housing must therefore withstand high stress. The service interval should be as long as possible. The 2.5-inch SATA drive X-75 with 6 GBit/s fulfills all these requirements with a capacity up to 1920 GB and designed for high endurance.

Storage Solutions for Medical Applications like MRI

Why Swissbit ?

  • Competent and trustworthy partner: more than 20 years of experience with sophisticated storage and security solutions in the industrial market with „Made in Germany“ products.
  • Best quality products and solutions: Our products are designed for highest reliability, endurance and quality standards.
  • Unique technical support and customer relationship: Knowledgeable application engineers and technical sales available for product consultancy.

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