The Swissbit Device Manager (SBDM) for Windows and Linux is a utility program that reads status information from Swissbit products. It uses S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) and USB vendor specific commands to gather detailled lifetime information. The tool can be used to extrapolate the life time expectation of a product in a real application by taking two snapshots before and after the test and evaluating the consumption through the test phase.

The SBDM software supports only Swissbit devices of the following product lines:

  • CompactFlash: C-300, C-310, C-320 (SMART capable only, -SMA ending), C-440, C-5*
  • SSD SATA: X-100, X-110, X-200, X-500, all X-6* (e.g. X-60m), all X-7* (e.g. X-70), X-86m2
  • CFast: F-100, F-240, F-5*, F-60, F-600, F-8*
  • CFexpress: G-2*
  • USB:  unitedCONTRAST I & II, miniTWIST II (support for basic information only), U-5*k, U-5*n
  • USB modules: U-100, U-110, U-4*, U-5*
  • SD & microSD: S-2* (Linux), all S-4*, S-5*, S-6*
  • eMMC: EM-2*, EM-3* (support for Linux only)
  • NVMe: N-1*m2, EN-2*, N-2*m2, N-3*m2, N-4*

The SBDM software supports following operating systems:

  • Windows 32b executable (Windows 7 and higher, Admin rights needed)
  • Linux x86-32 executable
  • Linux X86-64 executable
  • Linux-ARM V7
  • Linux ARM V8

The User Interface