Governments, enterprises, banks, and industry demand high-end security to protect their assets. The growing number of IoT devices need to be secured against interception of data transfer and hacking of control systems. But even trusted security solutions like Management Engines, Smartcard chips, or secured CPUs prove to be imperfect. An upgradeable security solution based on exchangeable hardware cryptography and standard interfaces is the solution to update systems to an always-state-of-the-art security level. Swissbit‘s secure memory solutions offer smart card functionality coupled with NAND flash storage. Systems with SD card or USB interface can easily be updated to the protection level of a smart card chip. For efficient data protection of stored information, Swissbit offers SSDs as self-encrypted drives (SED) with TCG OPAL compliance or SD Cards with AES encryption.



Hardware-based security offers the highest level of protection but needs a certain effort to be integrated in a system environment. Swissbit’s middleware creates the standardized layer to offer security functionality to the system without the need to understand the underlying hardware interfaces. The Swissbit Security Interface supports all relevant mobile, portable, embedded, and PC platforms.

Typical applications

  • Industrial automation
  • Surveillance
  • Fiscal data logging
  • E-Charging
  • Audit trails
  • License protection
  • Secure update
  • Secure voice communication
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Data encryption and protection