Swissbit Solutions for Security Applications

Governments, enterprises, banks, and industry demand high-end security to protect their assets. The growing number of IoT devices need to be secured against interception of data transfer and hacking of control systems. But even trusted security solutions like management engines, smartcard chips, or secured CPUs prove to be imperfect. An upgradeable security solution based on exchangeable hardware cryptography and standard interfaces is the solution to update systems to an always-state-of-the-art security level. Swissbit‘s security solutions offer smart card functionality coupled with NAND flash storage. Systems with SD card or USB interface can easily be updated to the protection level of a smart card chip.

Hardware-based security offers the highest level of protection but needs a certain effort to be integrated in a system environment. Swissbit’s middleware creates the standardized layer to offer security functionality to the system without the need to understand the underlying hardware interfaces.


  • Reliability and temperature range: Storage solutions for security applications must provide reliable operation even in the most extreme conditions: wide temperature changes, sudden power interruptions, environmental influence.

  • High endurance: Security systems for surveillance or sensor data acquisition need to have a high endurance even with small capacity products.

  • Security: Locally stored data as well as devices must be protected against manipulation or theft.

Swissbit Solution

  • Data protection: encryption of data and role-based access control

  • Secure device: Integrating secure element and digital signature for strong authentication and attestation between connected devices

  • Reliable data storage: High endurance, extreme robustness and highest quality standards

  • Small form factors with 3D TLC & 3D pSLC: cost-efficien 3D NAND SD and microSD memory cards and USB products with high endurance and reliability

Key Product Features


Wide temperature Power fail management

Power fail management

Industrial Temperature Grade
Swissbit products are designed for operation in outdoor and remote systems under industrial temperature range. The guaranteed temperature range from -40°C to 85°C of the storage solution allows to operate the Swissbit products in systems without airflow. Own thermal management of the Flash controller protects against overheating and lifetime reduction.

Data Care Management
Stored data is sensitive to degeneration by high temperature storage. Data care management constantly checks the quality of the data and refreshes weak blocks in the background. This prevents data loss and extends the field life of the Swissbit products

Power Fail Robustness
Embedded systems are often just powered down by switching off AC, or systems are operated in remote location s with instable power supply. Swissbit implements a robust protection against data loss at sudden power fail in all of the products and verifies the effectiveness by a harsh power interruption test during product qualification.

Typical Applications

  • Industrial automation
  • Surveillance
  • Fiscal data logging
  • E-Charging
  • Audit trails
  • License protection
  • Secure update
  • Secure voice communication
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Data encryption and protection

Your Benefits

  • Pluggable: easy to retrofit and easy to upgrade
  • Small: ideal for security devices requiring small form factors
  • Robust: rugged design, environmentally protected
  • Reliable: wide temperature range, high endurance
  • Low cost of ownership: long service life, highest quality

Use Case Example:

Secure and flexible - license management for industrial controllers

Software licenses for the PLCnext Control automation platform from Phoenix Contact are to be securely distributed and rolled out. Industrial-grade memory cards from Swissbit meet Phoenix Contact’s special security and flexibility requirements. In 2020, Phoenix Contact unveiled its latest innovation with the launch of the PLCnext Technology automation platform. The associated control platform, PLCnext Control, includes programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in a range of different performance classes as well as the PLC programming software: PLCnext Engineer. In addition to pre-installed software tools, system integrators and machine manufacturers can integrate further software applications (apps) requiring a license into their PLCs to increase the range of functions. .

Medical technology

The new GDPR legislation concerning data protection requires high security standards if patient data are concerned. Swissbit’s secure storage products protect the patients‘medical data against unauthorized access, which can happen during medical equipment service by external technicians, data transport on USB devices or storage within portable devices.

Use Case Example:

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras need to operate 24/7 with a constant frame rate. Dependent on the indoor or outdoor location the operation temperature of the storage product can reach extreme levels. The Swissbit SD and micro SD memory cards withstand all typical environmental conditions with a long lifetime. The sustained bandwidth and available capacity of the new 3D NAND based microSD memory card series S-50u covers the spec of most modern HD surveillance cameras and is supported by life time monitoring which can predict the remaining field life time.

Products for outdoor surveillance applications

Why Swissbit ?

  • Competent and trustworthy partner: more than 20 years of experience with sophisticated storage and security solutions in the industrial market with „Made in Germany“ products.
  • Best quality products and solutions: Our products are designed for highest reliability, endurance and quality standards.
  • Unique technical support and customer relationship: Knowledgeable application engineers and technical sales available for product consultancy.

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