Swissbit Solutions for Embedded Systems and Industry

Swissbit‘s embedded storage solutions are the perfect fit for demanding embedded applications.  They offer the highest reliability and quality. Swissbit‘s strategic cooperation with suppliers allows for long-term availability of products. To guarantee high-quality standards, each product undergoes thorough functional testing before being released for shipment. The broad portfolio with different NAND technologies and industry-dedicated features guarantee the right solution for each embedded use case.


Memory and non-volatile storage solutions for embedded and industrial applications must provide reliable operation even in the most extreme conditions: temperature, shock, and vibration. As such, both the qualification effort and the support life cycle needed for these products by far exceed those of devices designed for typical consumer applications. The variety of form factors and interfaces used in embedded systems range from 2.5” SSDs to CompactFlash™ to e.MMC, the interfaces from PCIe to PATA, all of which are available and long-term supported from Swissbit.

Swissbit solution

Swissbit provides the perfect rugged and reliable products for embedded systems with best quality.
The Swissbit PCIe, SATA, SD, microSD, e.MMC and USB products provide the right storage capacity, longevity and operation temperature range for outdoor and indoor systems. The introduction of industrial grade 3D NAND TLC and 3D pSLC reduce the cost while increasing the available storage capacity. Longevity SLC and MLC products are available with locked BOM to eliminate requalification effort and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Key product features


Wide temperature

Industrial Temperature Grade
Swissbit products are designed for operation in outdoor and remote systems under industrial temperature range. The guaranteed temperature range from -40°C to 85°C of the storage solution allows to operate the Swissbit products in systems without airflow. Own thermal management of the Flash controller protects against overheating and lifetime reduction.


Power fail managementData Care Management
Stored data is sensitive to degeneration by high temperature storage. Data care management constantly checks the quality of the data and refreshes weak blocks in the background. This prevents data loss and extends the field life of the Swissbit products



Power fail management

Power Fail Robustness
Other than office and entertainment equipment the embedded systems are not necessarily shutdown in a safe manner. Embedded systems are often just powered down by switching off AC, or systems are operated in remote location s with instable power supply. Independent of the source of a sudden power loss, the storage products, which often contains the operating system, must restart proper operation after return from power loss without corruption of the drive or stored data. Swissbit implements a robust protection against data loss at sudden power fail in all of the products and verifies the effectiveness by a harsh power interruption test during product qualification.

Typical applications

  • Industrial automation
  • Energy distribution
  • Energy consumption
  • Smart grid
  • Infotainment
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace and defense

Your benefits

  • Broad portfolio: get the right product for your needs

  • Robust products: rugged design, environmentally protected

  • Highly reliable: wide temperature range, high endurance

  • Low cost of ownership: long service life, highest quality

Use case example:

Automation system

The modern industry does no longer work without factory automation. Automation systems must work 24/7 and in all kinds of environmental conditions.
They may be in clean automotive factories, or in hot and dirty steel plants, on oil drilling platforms or in mining shafts. A frequent requirement is high performance under high temperature conditions. And immunity against shock, vibration, magnetic influence, corrosive gases.
Swissbit is a preferred supplier to many factory automation manufacturers, also because a band stop due to a failing storage product is not tolerable. Swissbit's high product quality prevents this to happen.

Why Swissbit ?

  • Competent and trustworthy partner: more than 20 years of experience with sophisticated storage and security solutions in the industrial market with „Made in Germany“ products.

  • Best quality products and solutions: Our products are designed for highest reliability, endurance and quality standards.

  • Unique technical support and customer relationship: Knowledgeable application engineers and technical sales available for product consultancy.

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