Swissbit develops, manufactures, and supports NAND flash storage and security products with perfection and reliability in mind. All Swissbit products are fully dedicated to the embedded and NetCom markets with their highly demanding applications. Each aspect of a Swissbit product is targeting the best possible solution:

  • The components are selected for low defects, extended longevity, and wide temperature range
  • The firmware features enable the highest endurance and retention with options that go far beyond commonly available standards
  • Our own PCB development guarantees high tolerance for frequent temperature cycles
  • The in-house manufacturing creates a wide range of products at the highest quality level
  • The Swissbit security options add a new level of protection to the stored data or even to the complete system by offering a truly secure key storage via an upgradable and replaceable hardware device

This is summarized in three words:

Store. Secure. Trust.

Industry Requirement
Swissbit© Solution

Product set

Leading edge technology

  • Broad range of form factors and interfaces tailored for the embedded and Netcom market

Specific feature set

  • Firmware customized for performance, specific feature set or feature adaption


Quality management system

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO27001

High reliability

  • Thorough qualification process, 100% test at full specification range

Sales support

Intensive customer relationship management

  • Swissbit 360° sales service
    Quick web-based product availability check

Technical support

e.g. design-in, joint qual

  • Direct access to experienced design, system and firmware engineers
    Worldwide local FAE teams

Product life cycle management

Locked BOM (H/W and F/W)

  • Controlled BOM and Firmware
    Change Notification Process


  • Up to 10 years

Supply chain management

Worldwide support and logistics

  • Global Key Account teams,
    Global distribution network / 3PL

Stable and reliable supply

  • Strategic partnership with key suppliers
    Predictive analytics forecasting process


Price / performance

  • TCO optimized products and services
    Design to cost and customer requirements

Quality Leadership

Our true Passion: Find Solutions

Swissbit’s top priority is to support our customer's success by identifying their needs and generating added value for them, by developing products and services that ensure our customers the highest safety and reliability.

True Quality means no compromises

In order to meet the highest and future demands, Swissbit continually increases the quality of both its products and services by evolving its Quality Management System (QMS) – and thus also its processes and their control.

  • Insistence of covering every process and function in our QMS
  • Keeping up consistent reproducibility and traceability
  • Only high-quality materials from approved and qualified suppliers

Simply: strict orientation to quality. Therefore Swissbit is certified for ISO9001 and IATF 16949 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment) standards, which provide the framework for our management system.

Take responsibility for people and the environment

Environmentally sustainable practices and global workforce is the heart of the company. To create and sustain a positive and productive work environment, Swissbit fulfills the global requirements for human rights, work, ethics and environment. Conforming with the European Regulations for RoHS and REACH, the Joint Industry Guide for improving the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances, and complying with the Dot Franklin Act by implementing OECD guidelines for Conflict Minerals to oppose the ongoing conflict in the DRC region.

Swissbit takes quality serious

Our competency

Product Competency

Swissbit is member of all relevant industry consortia. Standardization information, market research, and pre-development ensure that the right product is developed to meet the demanding customer requirements.

Development Competency

Swissbit employs technology and products development engineers with > 10 years' experience in design, verification, and qualification of storage products including PCB, BOM, FW and packaging.

Verification and Qualification Competency

Swissbit takes product qualification serious. The qualification tests are most stringent and exceed the common industry standards. If a product doesn't pass the internal requirements it will be improved until the tests pass.
A qualified Swissbit product is ready for volume shipment and is expected to remain in the field without update.

Sourcing Competency

Swissbit works directly with the NAND Flash and controller manufacturers to source constantly high-quality grade components. A sophisticated forecasting and planning process ensures that customer demand will always be satisfied, even in allocation times.

Production Competency

The in-house production lines and external subcontractors are fully controlled and managed by Swissbit and ensure that the product quality is continuously stable at the highest level. Swissbit DPPM rates are among the lowest in the industry.
Despite a high number of active products Swissbit can flexibly produce small lots of products within a short time.

Testing Competency

Swissbit products are fully tested before they leave the warehouse. The tests include visual inspection of each part, extended temperature testing at -40°C and 85°C for industrial grade products, serialization, and full tracking.


  • Market analysis
  • Product definition
  • Product features
  • Feasibility studies


  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Design for test
  • Design for production
  • Prototyping
  • Software tools
  • Test development


  • Product verification
  • Debugging
  • Optimization
  • Compliance testing
  • Compatibility testing


  • Reliability
  • Life time calculation
  • Joint customer qualification

Production & test

  • In-House production & test
  • 100% final test (-40° to +85°C)
  • Yield management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Logistics


Social & ethics goals - people

  • Social responsibility towards employees
  • Wages are above statutory minimum
  • No temporary employees
  • Products are „Made in Germany“ and comply with the highest international human right standards (EU)
  • Staff turnover rate < 3% (EU average is 10%)

Environmental goals - plant

  • Environmental management system (ISO 14001/IATF 16949)
  • Production in Germany, under German and EU rules, regulation, and certification
  • Energy from renewable sources > 30% share at present, from 2020 100% (WW avg 2%)
  • Swissbit develops products for long-term utilization with lowest DPPM Rate: < 100

Economic goals - profit

  • A long-term, privately held company and a low risk business strategy. Self-financed growth
  • Stable and sound financial structure. Monitored by KPIs and BI System Apliqo C3
  • Ensure adequate liquidity and flexibility Program
  • Hedging of external financial risks
  • Equity Ratio > 60%