Swissbit at Japan IT Week Spring


Tokyo, Japan, March 10, 2023 - Swissbit is attending the Japan IT Week Spring Embedded Edge Computing Exhibition (Booth: E47-25), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from April 5 to 7, 2023. The company will exhibit its N-4200 series of 16TB capacity SSD products for servers and data centers. In addition to the N-4200 series and flash storage products such as the iShield Archive, a microSD card with encryption and data protection functions, Swissbit will also introduce the iShield Key Pro, an authentication device compliant with the FIDO2 open authentication standard, and iShield HSM, a hardware security module compliant with AWS IoT Greengrass.

16 TB version data center SSD N4200

The N4200 series, which will be introduced at Japan IT Week, is Swissbit's first SSD product to be introduced to the data center market. The N4200 series minimizes speed degradation throughout the SSD lifecycle and doubles the write life of conventional SSDs. The N4200 series also offers significant advancements in performance and longevity through the use of special firmware optimized for real-world data center access loads. In addition, this specialized firmware allows SSDs to be configured to support specific data center application profiles.

iShield Archive: The easiest and most secure way to archive data

With iShield Archive, Swissbit presents a new microSD card for reliable encryption and access protection of sensitive data. The plug-and-play solution enables secure recording of video and photos and is compatible with popular camera models, all without host modification. The card includes the iShield Archive Tool (iAT) software, which is used to define security settings as well as user and admin PINs. Within the end device, iShield Archive reliably records the data and encrypts it in hardware with AES-256-bit. After the camera was turned off or the microSD was removed, the previously recorded data on iShield Archive is no longer visible and can only be read and downloaded using iAT and the correct password. The process can be repeated until the capacity of the card is reached. Thanks to UHS-I U3 iShield Archive is suitable for recording 4k videos and is available with storage capacities from 16 to 64 GB.

iShield Key Pro: Highest security and even greater flexibility

The iShield Key Pro is Swissbit's new powerful hardware security key and authentication device for the FIDO2 open authentication standard. The Pro version of this FIDO stick has a black, rugged plastic housing and offers more features than Swissbit's previous FIDO stick offerings, as well as additional compliant security standards. iShield Key Pro is a new stick with HOTP (hash-based one-time password) to enable use in offline use case scenarios, and PIV (personal identification verification) to store user login information using PKCS#11 encryption standard. Swissbit's own factory in Berlin, Germany, manufactures the Security Key Pro with NFC and USB interfaces.

iShield HSM: Versatile security anchor for IoT devices  

iShield HSM is a hardware security module (HSM) in USB-A stick format that securely stores cryptographic keys and credentials needed to identify, authenticate and register IoT devices. System integrators can easily retrofit the iShield HSM to add a layer of protection to existing devices such as gateways and industrial controls. The module is AWS IoT Greengrass certified and can also be used as a security anchor in other IoT environments and situations as needed. Swissbit plans to provide more information about upcoming technology partnerships, certifications, and other possibilities at Japan IT Week.

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