Swissbit Cloud TSE 特别适用于现在或将来想要将其 POS 系统连接到云的公司。首次支持使用云收银机,拥有集中式基础设施和大量收银机或分支机构(如大型零售链、超市、药房和餐饮 & 酒店业的企业)的公司也可以从此连接云的主张中显著受益。

The certified Swissbit Cloud TSE uses in addition to the “Swissbit Cloud TSE Connector”, including the local SMAERS component (Security Module Application for Electronic Record-keeping Systems), also a central web service with a signature service including key management, certified as a Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP), on which configuration and monitoring is carried out. The local component does not require any hardware and runs either directly on the cash register or from the branch back-office. The local component also handles secure communication with the web service in the cloud.


Swissbit Cloud TSE


According to BSI TR-03153

Retention of fiscal data Cloud (Cloud-TSE) and optionally in the DATEV archive
Signatures Unlimited during subscription