iShield Key USB-A/ NFC 安全密钥


Swissbit 为了让数字世界变得更安全、更方便,提供硬件身份验证器来保护在线帐户,使用户可以更安全地访问网站、应用程序、在线服务和公司网络。Swissbit iShield Key 能够提供极为安全的身份验证,同时确保简单、安全、灵活,保护用户免受在线攻击,例如网络钓鱼、社会工程和帐户盗取。

iShield 是用于即插即用安全产品的 Swissbit 产品系列品牌。阅读全文。


  • 适用于兼容 FIDO2 和 U2F 的网站和服务,例如 Google、Microsoft、Salesforce、Amazon Web Services 等。
  • 支持 FIDO2 和 U2F 标准
  • 安全性:公钥和私钥密码学
  • Additional Security for iShield Key Pro: HOTP (Event), TOTP (time-based), Smartcard (PIV-compatible), OpenSC-compatible
  • 使用了完全模制、坚固且防水的外壳的耐用安全钥匙
  • 通过 NFC 为移动设备提供一触式身份验证
  • USB-A 接口触摸认证
  • 操作系统:Windows 10/11、macOS、iOS、Linux、Chrome OS、Android


  • Hash-based one time password (HOTP) is event-based and a combination of private key & counter-based one-time password, which secures two-factor authentication (2FA) for web services that do not support WebAuthn. Moreover, HOTP can be applied in situations when users do not have Internet connectivity, such as offline application scenarios.
  • Time-based one-time password (TOTP) stands for Time-based One-Time Passwords and is a common form of two factor authentication (2FA). Unique numeric passwords are generated with a standardized algorithm that uses the current time as an input.
  • Personal Identity Verification (PIV) allows the iShield Key Pro to store personal credentials for a given individual for storing digital certificates and private keys securely and for storing security keys for device identification, authentication and registration using PKCS#11 cryptographic standard. PIV enables iShield Key Pro to be used for Windows logon (for local accounts or through Microsoft Active Directory), even when drive encryption with BitLocker is also enabled.

Series Name

iShield Key Pro iShield Key FIDO2

Supported Standards / Features

  • WebAuthn
  • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) CTAP1
  • HOTP (Event)
  • Smartcard (PIV-compatible)
  • OpenSC-compatible
  • WebAuthn
  • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) CTAP1

Mechanical Details

  • 51.5 x 18.5 x 6mm
  • Blue thermoplastic polyamide (PA) with matte finish
  • Rear Touch sensor, keychain hole
    Water resistant, robust construction
Form Factor / Device Type
  • CCID Smartcard, FIDO2 HID Device
  • USB-A without shroud
  • With NFC interface and multi-color LED


  • FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F/CTAP1)
  • FIDO2 Level 1

Operating Temperature Range

Extended: -25 °C to 70 °C


Platforms Supported
  • Operating Systems: Windows 10/11, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
  • Browsers: Firefox, MS Edge, Chrome, Apple Safari


企业 IT






Works with any FIDO2 compatible websites and services

All-in-one security key with NFC and USB connectivity


Supports zero trust strategy


Additional security features (e.g., HOTP, PIV, BitLocker)


Supports passwordless, two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Standard FIDO-solution & On-premise solution

Storage of up to 32 passkeys

iShield Key Manager

Manage Your iShield Key Devices with Ease

Configure WebAuthn/FIDO2, HTOP and PIV functionality of your iShield Key with the iShield Key Manager on Windows, macOS and Linux. The application supports all devices of the iShield Key series.

Please note that the iShield Key Manager is currently in the early access phase. If you're eager to provide feedback and try out the iShield Key Manager, please use the request form.

At the moment, the application is only available for Windows. More platforms will follow soon.

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