Press Releases 2023

Swissbit Device Manger



Swissbit Device Manager 提供全面的监控功能,并支持固件更

Swissbit Device Manager (SBDM) 是部位于瑞士的存和安全家 Swissbit 用于管理存储设备件工具。最新版本的 SBDM 使客够进行固件更新,同时还提供 Swissbit 存解决方案生命周期状的全面数据和分析。因此,该软件能够为目前设计阶段的 Swissbit 客提供广泛的测试选项和极高的定制灵活性。该软件用界面友好,能示所有捕的数据,是所有 Swissbit 存储产品的主要用界面。

Swissbit Device Manger


Swissbit introduces management tool for storage devices

Swissbit Device Manager offers comprehensive monitoring and is enabled for firmware updates

The most recent version of the Swissbit Device Manager (SBDM) allows customers to initiate firmware updates in addition to giving comprehensive insight into the lifecycle status of Swissbit storage solutions. As a result, the software supports Swissbit customers who are currently in the design-in stages, giving them complete flexibility for extensive testing and customization.

Swissbit at CloudFest USA


Swissbit at CloudFest USA

Swissbit to Showcase Data Center Application Optimized SSDs

Swissbit will participate in the inaugural US-hosted CloudFest USA 2023 in Austin, Texas from May 31 to June 3, 2023. On-site, Swissbit will showcase its solutions for data center applications at booth #8 at the leading infrastructure event for the hosting and cloud industries. The highlight of the show will be the N4200 SSD series developed for data center application profiles. Swissbit will demo its latest technology live at its booth to illustrate how improved efficiency is achieved by using SSDs optimized to a specific customer application profile.


Swissbit at ISC High Performance 2023

SSD firmware optimization for application profiles increases data center efficiency

Swissbit will showcase its data center application solutions at the ISC High Performance conference in Hamburg, Germany from May 21-25, 2023. The highlight on booth #K1007 will be the N4200 SSD series, which has been developed specifically for data center application profiles. Visitors to the Swissbit booth will be able to experience first-hand the efficiency gains that result from application-optimized SSDs during a joint demonstration with Infomaniak, a Swiss cloud service provider.


Joint Press Release: SurePassID and Swissbit

Swissbit and SurePassID Announce Phishing-Resistant, Passwordless User Authentication Solution for Government Agencies and Large Enterprises

Swissbit's new iShield Key Pro hardware authentication device, combined with SurePassID Authentication Server's unmatched scalability and availability, enables the rapid deployment of phishing-resistant, passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) across public cloud, private cloud, and air-gapped networks.


全新的安全密钥:Swissbit 推出 iShield Key Pro

Swissbit 推出了 iShield Key Pro,扩展了公司的硬件安全密钥产品线,它不仅仅是另一款支持 FIDO 标准的产品。全新的安全密钥进一步增加了更多的安全标准和功能,为在线账户进行更安全的无密码、身份验证网络钓鱼攻击防御以及保护提供了更大的灵活性。除了支持 FIDO2 以外,该安全密钥还支持 HOTP(基于哈希的一次性密码),以便身份验证方法无法使用时自动回退到其他符合标准的身份验证方法,以提供无缝的用户体验。这使得能够在无法使用 FIDO2 的离线和远程访问环境中使用该安全密钥。此外,PIV(个人身份验证)技术确保安全的个人凭证存储。iShield Key Pro 除了 USB Type-A 接口外还配备了 NFC 接口,并采用坚固、防水的工业级塑料外壳。


Swissbit Introduces iShield Key Pro

In addition to the FIDO2 standard, the new hardware token now supports security features like HOTP and PIV

Thanks to the addition of further security standards and features, the new iShield Key Pro provides even more flexibility for secure password-free, phishing-resistant authentication and protection of online accounts. Alongside FIDO2, the stick also supports HOTP to enable automatic fallback to a compliant authentication method with a seamless user experience. In addition, PIV technology ensures secure personal credential storage.


Swissbit at Japan IT Week Spring

In addition to 16TB data center SSDs, Swissbit showcases retrofittable IoT security & new hardware security key

Swissbit is attending the Japan IT Week Spring (Booth: E47-25), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from April 5 to 7, 2023. In addition to the N-4200 Data Center SSD series and flash storage products such as the iShield Archive, a microSD card with encryption and data protection functions, Swissbit will also introduce the new hardware security key iShield Key Pro, and iShield HSM, a hardware security module compliant with AWS IoT Greengrass.


Swissbit at CloudFest 2023

Swissbit Showcases Optimization of SSDs for Data Center Application Profiles

Swissbit will make its first appearance at the world’s leading event for the hosting and cloud industry and will showcase its solutions for data center applications at booth H17. The star of the show will be the N4200 SSD series developed for data center application profiles. Swissbit will hold a demo to illustrate how using SSDs optimized to a specific customer application environment improves efficiency at CloudFest in Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. This came together with the support of the Swiss cloud service provider Infomaniak, which already relies on Swissbit’s SSDs.


Swissbit at embedded world 2023

SATA SSDs with 100,000 P/E cycles, 16 TB data center SSD, retrofittable IoT security and a new FIDO2 security key

In hall 1, booth 1-534, Swissbit will exhibit the latest generation of its SATA SSD X-7x portfolio with 100+ layers of industrial TLC NAND and additional security features. As its latest security solution, Swissbit will showcase the new FIDO-stick iShield FIDO2 Pro and demonstrate how IoT devices can be secured easily and efficiently, even as a retrofit option, using the hardware security module iShield HSM.


Swissbit at EuroShop 2023

New TSE solution is taking shape: Legally compliant TSE offers flexibility of a subscription-based online signature service

Swissbit is looking forward to exhibiting at the retail industry’s principal trade fair, to present the latest advancements in international fiscalization and TSE solutions for the German market. Swissbit will be co-exhibiting on the Partner Tech Europe GmbH booth in Hall 6/E42, where its new cloud TSE strategy will be a key show highlight. A significant step forward in the development of the new TSE solution for the market is already well underway: the certification process at the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) was set in motion the end of last year.