SD Memory Cards

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The latest SD memory card series S-45 (MLC version), S-46 (pSLC version), S-450 (SLC version) and S-455 (SLC version) include the same set of sophisticated features and, through the implementation of UHS-I, support data transfer rates of up to 90 MB/s. The combination of MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND Flash with an innovative controller and page based firmware technology enables prolonged data retention and extended life cycles despite the write endurance limitations of MLC Flash. The S-45, S-46 and S-455 SD memory cards excel with a random write data rate of up to 1400 IOPS.

The special firmware features in the S-4x series include a powerful built-in Error Correction, Read Retry, Autonomous Data Care Management, Life Time Monitoring & diagnostic features, Randomizer, Wear Leveling & Bad Block Management algorithms and intelligent Power Fail Protection.

All Swissbit SD Cards can withstand extreme environmental conditions. They provide the highest level of mechanical stability and enhanced ESD protection. Furthermore, the hard gold SD connectors endure a minimum of 20,000 insertion cycles.

Series Name

S-200 S-220






Data Transfer Mode

SD 2.0, Class 6 / 10


SD 3.0, Class 10, UHS-I




Outline Dimensions

32 x 24 x 2.1 mm

Flash Type


pSLC everbit

MLC durabit


Density Range

512 MB – 2 GB (SD)

4 GB – 8 GB (SDHC)

2 GB (SD)

4 GB – 32 GB (SDHC)

64 GB (SDXC)

4 GB – 32 GB (SDHC)

64GB – 128 GB (SDXC)

512 MB – 2 GB (SD)

4 GB – 32 GB (SDHC)

Data Retention

10 years @ life begin

1 year @ life end


(Flash Cell Level)

100,000 P/E Cycles

20,000 P/E Cycles

endurance optimized

3,000 P/E Cycles

endurance optimized

100,000 P/E Cycles

Operating Temperature

Extended: -25°C to +85°C

Industrial: -40°C to +85°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +100°C


Sequential Read (MB/s)

Sequential Write (MB/s)

Random 4KB Read (IOPS)

Random 4KB Write (IOPS)

up to 25

up to 24

up to 19


up to 50

up to 55

up to 1350

up to 1400


up to 40

up to 12

up to 750

up to 650


up to 90

up to 75

up to 1200

up to 30


up to 44

up to 38

up to 1340

up to 1240


≥ 3,000,000 hours


1,000 G

1,500 G


15 G

50 G


85 % RH 85°C, 1,000 hrs


2.7 – 3.6 V Normal

Power Consumption

Read typ 28 mA

Write typ 55 mA

Read typ 75 mA

Write typ 80 mA

Read typ 100 mA

Write typ 100 mA

Features & Tools

Proven Power Fail Safety

Sophisticated Wear Leveling & Bad Block management

Diagnostic features & Life Time Monitoring through SD / SPI command set

Proven Power Fail Safety

Sophisticated Wear Leveling & Bad Block management

Autonomous Data Care Management

SBLTM Tool & SDK for detailed Life Time Monitoring

Part Number




Product Features