Quality Leadership

Our True Passion: Find Solutions

Swissbit’s top priority is to support our customer's success by identifying their needs and generating added value for them, by developing products and services that ensure our customers the highest safety and reliability.

True Quality Means No Compromises

In order to meet the highest and future demands, Swissbit continually increases the quality of both its products and services by evolving its Quality Management System (QMS) – and thus also its processes and their control.

  • Insistence of covering every process and function in our QMS
  • Keeping up consistent reproducibility and traceability
  • Only high-quality materials from approved and qualified suppliers

Simply: strict orientation to quality. Therefore Swissbit is certified for ISO9001 and IATF 16949 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment) standards, which provide the framework for our management system.

Take Responsibility for People and the Environment

Environmentally sustainable practices and global workforce is the heart of the company. To create and sustain a positive and productive work environment, Swissbit fulfills the global requirements for human rights, work, ethics and environment. Conforming with the European Regulations for RoHS and REACH, the Joint Industry Guide for improving the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances, and complying with the Dot Franklin Act by implementing OECD guidelines for Conflict Minerals to oppose the ongoing conflict in the DRC region.

Swissbit Takes Quality Serious

Product Life Cycle Management

Swissbit conducts a sophisticated product life cycle management for all products, aimed at providing the best possible longevity and visibility to our customers.

Product Ramp

Our promise:

  • Component selection done with focus on reliability and longevity.
  • Industry-standard interfaces and form factors combined with special feature set
  • All Swissbit products feature frozen BOM
  • A BOM change will result in a PCN

Product Sustaining

Our goals:

  • Maximum product longevity
  • Minimum number of PCNs
  • High DIFOT rate
    (delivery in full – on time)
  • Flexible volume shipments

End of Life

Our processes:

  • Long advance notice and transition time, allowing customers to do scheduled & thorough re-qualification
  • Suggestion of best suitable alternative
  • Early sampling of new product