Secure U-Boot

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Key Features

  • Protected Raspberry Pi Boot loader
  • Flexible authentication, user configurable for
    – Swissbit USB dongle
    – Network IP address, Network PolicyServer
    – PIN entry
  • Encrypted user and boot code
  • Access protection with configurable retry counter
  • Works with Rasperry Pi 2 and 3 and Raspbian 3 and 4

RaspberryPI secure boot

Raspberry Pi according to

Key Applications

  • IP Protection by locking SD card to specific system
  • IP and theft protection by locking SD card to an IP range
  • License control by providing unique ID
  • Allows IP monetization, Data protection, Access control

Key Benefits

  • Easy and cost efficient add on hardware security
  • Fast and CPU independent hardware encryption
  • Upgradeable and future proof security solution
  • Configurable authentication policy for diverse use cases

Security Function

Network Policy Server

Manual Pin Entry

USB Token

Know How Protection

License Protection

Remote Attestation

Data Protection

Theft Protection


Lock Device


Secure Unattended Boot



Product Features

Data care management
Data Care Management

Various effects like data retention, read disturb limits, or temperature can impact data reliability. The latest generation of Swissbit products use special methods to maintain and refresh the data for higher data integrity.

Life Time Monitoring (LTM)
Life time monitoring (LTM)

The Swissbit Life Time Monitoring feature enables users to access the memory device’s detailed Life Time Status and allows prediction of imminent failure, avoiding unexpected data loss. This feature uses an extended S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) interface or vendor-specific commands to retrieve the Flash product information.


The longevity product lines use special components with a long-term supply commitment of up to 10 years. These products offer lowest TCO in demanding applications with high requalification cost.

Power Fail Protection & Recovery
Power fail protection

Intelligent Power Fail Protection and Recovery protects data from unexpected power loss. During an unintentional shutdown, firmware routines and an intelligent hardware architecture ensure that all system and user data will be stored to the NAND.

Write Amplification Factor
WAF reduction

The WAF (write amplification factor) for MLC-based products is reduced by combining a paged based FW block management with a powerful card architecture and configuration settings.

Wear leveling
Wear leveling

Sophisticated Wear Leveling and Bad Block Management ensure that Flash cells are sparingly and equally used in order to prolong life time of the device.

Wide temperature support
Wide temperature support

Swissbit‘s embedded memory and storage solutions are designed and approved for reliable operation over a wide temperature range. The products are verified at temperature corners and prestressed with a burn-in operating functional test (Test During Burn In – TDBI).