Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi

Key Features

  • Security policies with flexible and configurable authentication
  • Access protection with configurable retry counter
  • Authentication is performed during the Swissbit customized pre-boot phase to unlock access
  • Works with Rasperry Pi 2 and 3B+

Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi according to


Key Applications

  • IP Protection by locking microSD card
  • Theft protection by locking microSD card
  • License control by providing unique ID (with NET policy)

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-integrate CPU independent hardware security
  • Cost effective data protection and encryption
  • Easy-to-retrofit and future proof security solution

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Security Function

PIN Policy

USB Policy

NET Policy

Know-How Protection

License Protection

Remote Attestation

Data Protection

Theft Protection


Tamper Protection


Lock Device


Secure Unattended Boot