Swissbit's products for protecting data and devices


Security is becoming mandatory in diverse markets. Data breaches and compromised IT environments are becoming a reality.

Legal requirements force solution providers to use state-of-the-art security concepts. In Germany, DSGVO or pan European GDPR are legally binding data protection laws that need to be fulfilled. If critical systems fail or sensitive data leak, severe fines and penalties are imminent. Recent security alerts like Spectre, Meltdown, and other severe problems like vulnerability of the ubiquitous Intel Management Engine clearly demonstrate that security cannot just be placed somewhere in an appendix of a product specification but needs to be part of the DNA of each product.

While PC systems are easily maintained by online-distributed SW packages, industrial, and automotive systems still suffer low maintenance cycles and therefore stay vulnerable over a longer period. The Industrial IoT has highest requirements on quality and security. Always-on devices taking over more and more responsibility in our everyday life offer huge attack surfaces that need the highest security, and at the same time, ease of maintenance over the complete life cycle. Flexible and intuitive secure update concepts as well-trusted boot security are efficiently implemented based on the combination of security and storage by Swissbit products.



• security firmware and drivers
• logo printing
• optical and electronic personalization
• design-in of consigned smart card chips


• security consulting
• security training
• customer support
• design-in support
• connection with eco-system partner network for turnkey solutions and quick time to market


The security product series in USB, microSD, and SD form factors addresses the growing demand for mobile, portable and industrial security. The products offer tangible hardware security in the same manner as the plug and play approach.

For various markets, Swissbit offers a broad set of security use cases. The flash memory can be used by any host to store data on the cards at high speed. Additional security functions of the card can be activated to protect any data.

Valuable data such as sensitive files, emails, photos, OS images, firmware updates, log files, and audit trails can be protected by encryption, access protection, or made resistant to tampering by digital signature.
Voice and video calls as well as data streams for M2M communication can be protected by the card in high speed. The best fitting product can be chosen depending on the use case.


Security editions are variations of storage products with different secure elements

Different use cases require specialized security features like voice encryption, elliptic curve cryptography, preparation for FIPS certification, or protection of the stored data. Swissbit storage products can be combined with various combinations of secure element and firmware features.

Edition SE
Edition VE
Edition PE
Edition DP
Edition FE
Edition WORM

Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi

Protecting the System Integrity of a Raspberry Pi Boot Media

The Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Rasberry Pi allows encryption and access protection of data stored on the microSD card by various configurable security policies. It protects the boot image and software installation against manipulation, unwanted copying, or removal of a system from a defined network.

The Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi consists of a Swissbit PS-45u DP microSD card “Raspberry Edition” and a Swissbit Secure Boot SDK for Raspberry Pi.

Reference to Raspberry Pi according to

PS-45u DP „Raspberry Edition“

Security Edition

SE / VE / PE



Infineon / NXP smart card chip
CC EAL 5+/6+ HW and OS

Java card
Global Platform 2.2.1 / 2.2.2

RSA up to 2048 bit
optional ECC up to 512 / 521 bit
AES up to 256 bit
SHA2 up to 512 bit

Compatible Middleware:
• AET SafeSign
• Cryptovision

NXP smart card chip
FIPS 140-2 level 3 (certified on request)

Java card
Global Platform 2.2.2


RSA up to 2048 bit
ECC up to 512 / 521 bit
AES up to 256 bit
SHA2 up to 512 bit

Compatible Middleware:
• AET SafeSign


80 / 145 k EEPROM secure storage

145 k EEPROM secure storage


Windows, Mac, Linux,
SDK available
PKCS#11 Middleware

Windows, Mac, Linux,
BlackBerry, Android
SDK available

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