The Swissbit TSE combines the "Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP)" and the application "Security Module Application for Electronic Record-keeping Systems" (SMAERS) with the certificates and the storage medium.

8GB of NAND storage is available for both secure fiscal storage for signing fiscal transactions, and free-user storage. The latter can be used by the system for other tasks.

The digital interface handles the capture of transactions, the secure export of fiscal data and the administration of the TSE.

Cash register manufacturers can easily integrate the Swissbit TSE solution into their POS systems. In addition to the TSE, Swissbit also provides an SDK (Software Development Kit), drivers and support for Windows, Linux, Android and embedded systems. The Swissbit SD memory card TSE is connected via the standard SD card bus interface.




SD memory card


-25°C to 85°C

Base product


Flash Type


Density TSE

8 GB


according to BSI TR-03153


384 bit - more than specified by the BSI and therefore future-proof

Validity of the signature certificate

5 years + 6 months for warehouse / logistics

Processing time (signature and storage)

less than 250 ms

Total number of signatures written

guaranteed 20 million

Data retention (with non-powered storage)

10 years

Multiple transactions

up to 512 in parallel

Multiple client support

up to 100 clients