Swissbit TSE - Fiscal Solution for Germany

Modular, flexible and Secure

Swissbit is a complete provider of tamper-proof recording solutions for POS data in accordance with the German Cash Security Ordinance (KassenSichV). Whether single devices, networked POS systems in a LAN or online-capable POS systems with a cloud connection, Swissbit provides an easy-to-integrate, flexible and secure TSE connection for all scenarios. All TSE products have an optional connection to the fiscalization platform MeinFiskal of DATEV with further additional services.

Where to Buy

If you would like to order the Swissbit TSE or have technical questions about your Swissbit TSE, then contact our sales and support partners. If you would like to know more about how we can help you with our Swissbit TSE for the legally compliant solution for the fiscal market in Germany, then just contact us: or by phone: +49 (30) 936 954 400 .

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