Swissbit iShield HSM

Reliably Storing Security Keys for Device Authentication and Registration

The iShield HSM is a plug-and-play USB security anchor that allows system integrators to upgrade existing AWS IoT Greengrass devices with a hardware security module, making it the perfect retrofit solution for finished hardware designs & in-field devices. iShield HSM securely stores the device’s private key and certificate so that they aren’t exposed or duplicated in software. The product is available as a high-quality, robust & compact USB memory stick, which supports PKCS#11 and PKCS#15 and is compatible with an open source software stack (e.g. OpenSC). A Secure Element (CC EAL6+) is embedded into iShield HSM’s hardware in COB (Chip-On Board) technology, making it tamper-proof and suited for harsh operating environments.

The iShield HSM is qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass Hardware Security Integration (HSI), providing a secure storage for keys and credentials used for device identification, authentication and registration.

iShield is the Swissbit product family brand for plug-and-play security products. Learn more.

Key Features

  • Retrofit Hardware Security Module using standard USB interface
    • Secure & tamper-proof key storage for IoT applications
    • Supports PKCS#11 / PKCS#15 (IsoApplet pre-loaded)
    • Compatible with OpenSC
    • Qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass
  • High quality, industrial grade USB memory stick
    • Compact & robust metal housing
    • MLC NAND with durabit-feature for best-in-class endurance
  • Secure Element embedded in hardware (COB)
    • CC EAL 6+
    • RSA up to 2048 bit
    • ECC up to 384 bit

Target Group

  • Manufacturer of connected devices, e.g. gateways, controllers
  • System integrators for building and industrial automation

Key Benefits

  • Easy to retrofit
  • Easy to update & upgrade
  • Security "Made in Germany"

Series Name

PU-50n iShield HSM
Cryptographic Standard
  • Supports PKCS#11 / PKCS#15 (IsoApplet pre-loaded)

Secure Element

  • CC EAL 6+
  • RSA up to 2048 bit
  • ECC up to 384 bit

NAND Capacity

  • 8 GB

Form Factor

  • USB3.1 solid state flash drive with USB Type-A connector
  • 24.0 mm x 12.1 mm x 4.5 mm
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 SuperSpeed specification compatible (backward compliance with USB 2.0/1.1)

Operating Temperature Range

  • Extended: -25 °C to 85 °C


  • Read Performance: Sequential Read up to 100 MBytes/s, Random Read IOPS up to 2.500
  • Write Performance: Sequential Write up to 25 MBytes/s,

Operating Voltage

  • 5.0 V ± 10%

Data Retention

  • 10 Years @ Life Begin; 1 Year @ Life End
Resources for HSM Setup for AWS IoT Greengrass

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iShield HSM

Where to Buy

iShield HSM is available now through the following partners and web shops. Individual enquiries can also be sent directly to at any time. We looking forward to your request!


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Swissbit Distributor Rutronik24 (worldwide)
Swissbit Distributor Computer Controls Switzerland

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