Swissbit offers fiscal solution for networked POS systems


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TSE (Technical Security Device) for networked environments

Bronschhofen (Switzerland), Mar 25, 2020 - Swissbit was the first provider to offer an easy-to-integrate and cost-effective plug-in solution for tamper-proof recording of cash register data. Now the company has launched a network version: The certified TSE (BSI TR-03153-standard Technical Security Device) can secure networked POS systems without the need for hardware modifications of individual cash registers. These can be cash registers, PC-based systems or even handheld devices. The latest Swissbit TSE as LAN solution, which complies with regulations that came into force on 1 January 2020 in Germany for example, is available through distributors Gastro-MIS, Jarltech and Partner Tech.

As with the standalone version, the heart of the fiscal solution is a durable, real industrial flash memory with a digital signing certificate according to TR-03145 and the Common Criteria-certified security modules BSI-PP-SMAERS and BSI-PP-CSP. The LAN solution requires USB TSE modules to be plugged into an in-store server or a "master"-POS. With each USB-TSE, Swissbit supports up to five POS systems simultaneously. In principle, unlimited POS systems can easily be rendered tamperproof with the Swissbit TSE as LAN solution and additional USB-TSEs. For manufacturers of cash registers, Swissbit offers convenient software development kits for Windows, Linux and Android to set up cash registers ready for use of either individual TSE modules or the Swissbit TSE as LAN solution.

"German retailers for example have until September 2020 to comply with regulations, so the remaining time must be used efficiently. With Swissbit's TSE for LAN solution, retailers can quickly retrofit their cash register networks. Those who have been waiting for a simple network solution, now have access to a certified solution that is readily available," explains Hubertus Grobbel, Vice President Security Solutions at Swissbit. "Our Swissbit TSE is convenient, fail-safe and easily scalable."

Easy to integrate and cost-effective

Swissbit's plug-in TSE uses standard storage interfaces and is thus perfectly positioned to retrofit legacy cash register systems. With the Swissbit TSE as LAN solution, all devices within entire locations can be converted without hardware intervention or license costs, and where applicable, in compliance with the law. In addition to a secure fiscal memory, which stores the automatically signed transactions, the TSE also makes a user memory freely available to cash register manufacturers. Secure export of fiscal data is enabled by a user-friendly and intuitive digital interface. Swissbit will shortly be the first provider to offer an integrated interface to DATEV and Telekom Security’s fiscalization platform in the Swissbit SDK.


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