Swissbit at FMS 2019


3D-NAND and Secure Memory Solutions for Demanding Applications

Bronschhofen, Switzerland. July 25, 2019 – Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade flash memory and data protection solutions, will be returning to Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, California from August 6 to 8, 2019. During the show, Swissbit will be showcasing its latest 3D-NAND-based industrial storage product range (X 75) in conference room #208. Swissbit will also be presenting memory cards with integrated security features and demonstrating the concept of a net-policy-server for control and management of flash memory as an authentication token and boot device. Tom McCormick, Chief Engineer and Technologist at Swissbit, will be presenting his paper on "pSLC Cache Design for Enhanced Performance and Lifetime" and is taking part in the ‘Expert Chat’ on Tuesday as subject matter expert for embedded applications.

Swissbit’s X-75 SATA-6Gb/s-SSDs are specified to industrial temperature ranges (-40 to 85°C) and are available as 2.5-inch SSDs, M.2 2280 and 2242 versions as well as mSATA and SlimSATA. X-75 SSDs are optimized for high sustained performance, durability and long lifetime. A further show highlight will be a component sample of a PCIe 3.1 NVMe M.2 1620 BGA with 4 PCIe lanes. Swissbit will demonstrate an EN-20 component operating on a 2242 module. The M.2 BGA with capacities of up to 240GB is ideally suited for high performance in tight spaces and supports industrial temperature ranges.

Swissbit EN-20 M.2 BGA    Swissbit X-75 3D NAND SSD

Memory solutions for the most demanding security applications

At FMS 2019, Swissbit will be demonstrating the concept of a net-policy-server for control and management of boot devices in the field. This allows a two-factor authentication to be linked to one IP address so that a boot loader will only function within a defined network. This way, there is no security risk, in case of unauthorized removal of hardware from a manufacturing facility. Whilst, inserting non-authorized hardware is made extremely difficult thanks to the level of trust among the devices themselves.

Secure U-Boot of Raspberry Pi

The microSD Memory Card PS-45u DP is also equipped with an integrated data protection feature with AES 256-encryption which will be shown by performing a secure boot of a RaspBerry Pi. Here, an administrator can differentiate between various policies determining the approval of access to the memory. The memory can only be used with the right device, by the right person, within the right network or with a specific license token.

Embedded-storage-market solutions

Grady Lambert, General Manager - Swissbit North America, commented: “This year we are excited to present our latest industrial-grade 3D-NAND embedded module X-75x product range. It covers the performance, endurance and reliability requirements of NetCom, industrial and automotive applications at a substantially lower price than 2D-MLC-based solutions. In addition, Swissbit continues to be a leading supplier of memory-based security solutions designed, developed and positioned for the protection from a wide range of security threats – relating to, for example, governmental compliance, embedded computing and the protection of end customer IP. Our solutions for the embedded storage market and the trust and confidence given to us by our customers, are based on hard work, technology, quality and service & support.”

Data storage and protection as well as safeguarding devices

Data is the gold of the digital era - and it must be stored and protected accordingly. That is Swissbit’s strength: the protection of stored data in IoT devices is a prerequisite for successful networking and digitization in business and society.

In future, data generated by huge networks of sensors and IoT devices will enable Industry 4.0, smart cities, intelligent buildings, smart energy networks and autonomous driving and flying. Most of this data is initially stored locally on devices – just like the programs that control those IoT devices. Beyond the controlled environment of large data centers, electronics are however subjected to hostile conditions: temperature fluctuations, vibrations, pollutants, unstable energy supply, discontinuous read/write processes etc. Storage solutions therefore must be robust. And stored data must be protected against unauthorized access, within the storage medium itself as well as during transmission.

Memory and security solutions „Made by Swissbit”

Swissbit develops and manufactures its memory products at its own manufacturing plant and therefore is also able to offer customized products for customers. For the development and delivery of customized solutions, each component can be optimized since high quality storage and security solutions require a perfect balance between design, production technology and firmware. Customers benefit from Swissbit’s state-of-the-art, flexible, modular production as well as its more than 20 years’ experience in NetCom, industrial, automotive, medical technology and fiscal markets.


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