Swissbit pursues its growth strategy and enters data center market


Bronschhofen, Switzerland. September 15, 2022 – Swissbit strengthens its growth strategy and expands into the new market segment “data center”. To expand its memory solutions portfolio, Swissbit announces a strategic partnership with data center SSD and storage innovation company Burlywood. The common goal is to develop performance-optimized SSDs that are specifically adapted to the requirements and application profiles of data centers such as Big Data, Video Streaming and Machine Learning. With this step, Swissbit follows its market approach to combine high-quality and customized products for demanding applications with personalized customer and application support. Swissbit is thus adding another strong pillar to its range of industrial NAND storage products, which has so far covered the key markets of NetCom, industry, and automotive. The first SSD specifically developed and optimized for data centers will be introduced soon.

Modern data centers are facing major challenges considering the constant flow of new cloud applications and ever-increasing complexity. SSDs that are based on standard HDD concepts have not been designed for complex workloads. As a result, issues such as a rapid degradation in performance after a short time or early life failures arise. This is where Swissbit and its strategic partner Burlywood come into play. Together they are developing SSDs that are tailored for selected data center applications and work profiles to keep performance at a consistently high level over the entire lifecycle of the SSD.

Swissbit brings along its years of experience and know-how in the development of industrial storage products with high reliability and durability even in harsh operating environments. This expertise is enriched by the unique flash storage architecture developed by the US-based company Burlywood that analyzes application behavior at the flash controller level, and tunes SSD performance to be a perfect fit for the application.

"With Burlywood, we have found a partner who knows both the SSD market and the real requirements of data center applications in detail. With this knowledge, we have jointly developed a unique solution approach that can sustainably increase the profitability and performance of data centers. The strategic partnership with Burlywood is the best starting point for our step into the data center market," comments Matthias Poppel, CSMO at Swissbit AG.

Burlywood, Inc.

"Swissbit is the ideal partner for us to revolutionize the data center SSD market. Its combination of long-term experience, production know-how and excellent customer and application support is unique in the industry. Together we can offer an application-focused, adaptable solution for storage that provides improved performance, latency, and reliability," adds Tod Earhart, CTO and founder of Burlywood.

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