Swissbit Germany AG is part of the largest EU semiconductor initiative


Berlin, June 16, 2023 - On June 8, the European Commission approved the IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT) from a state aid perspective. This clears the way for the promotion of a total of 31 projects in Germany to strengthen the microelectronics industry, as announced by Federal Minister of Economic Affairs, Robert Habeck, in a press release on the same day. As an associated partner and a company based in Berlin, Swissbit Germany AG is part of the supported projects and is the only Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) for semiconductor memory and security solutions among the participating companies in the IPCEI ME/CT. The selection marks a significant step for Swissbit and underscores its commitment as one of the few European semiconductor manufacturers. Swissbit has been producing in Berlin since 2003 and opened a new facility there at the end of 2019, covering an area of over 20,000 square meters.

"We are very pleased that the EU has set the course for the start of the IPCEI ME/CT in Germany with the approval from a state aid perspective, and that Swissbit Germany AG is part of this great initiative. As a manufacturer that has always produced in Germany, we support the goal of specifically strengthening Europe's sovereignty as a semiconductor hub. The funding within the framework of the IPCEI ME/CT is understood by us as a clear commitment to extensive investments in Germany, with which we aim to further expand our position as an independent semiconductor manufacturer with a unique range of services in Europe."

Lars Lust, General Manager APATS (Advanced Packaging, Assembly & Test Solutions) and Berlin Site Manager

Lars Lust, General Manager APATS und Vorstand der Swissbit Germany AG


The IPCEI Microelectronics and Communication Technologies

The IPCEI ME/CT is implemented by the European Commission to strategically expand the European semiconductor industry and strengthen the overall resilience of the European region. It is based on the principles of "Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Sovereignty" and aims to catch up in microelectronics and communication technologies, particularly in areas where Europe has become technologically dependent on third countries. It comprises four so-called "workstreams" that represent the entire value chain for the manufacturing of application-specific components. In total, 688 European companies from 27 countries are involved in the IPCEI ME/CT.

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