Swissbit at CloudFest 2023


Bronschhofen, Switzerland. 28 February 2023 – Swissbit makes its debut at CloudFest 2023: The storage and security specialist will make its first appearance at the world’s leading event for the hosting and cloud industry and will showcase its solutions for data center applications at booth H17. The star of the show will be the N4200 SSD series developed for data center application profiles. Swissbit will hold a demo to illustrate how using SSDs optimized to a specific customer application environment improves efficiency at CloudFest in Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. This came together with the support of the Swiss cloud service provider Infomaniak, which already relies on Swissbit’s SSDs. Visitors will also be able to learn more during a breakout session scheduled as part of the CloudFest agenda.  

At the end of 2022, Swissbit entered the data center market with the U.3 N4200 SSD, which offers a constant write speed that is two to five times higher compared to standard data center SSDs but still maintains a consistently low latency and high endurance over the SSD’s entire service life. While commercially available SSDs suffer drops in performance, endurance, and response time over prolonged periods, Swissbit takes a new approach with the N4200. The SSD can be optimized for specific application profiles using its unique firmware so that performance and endurance are matched to the real-world workload of a customer application.

Workload-specific Firmware Configurations

Customers can choose from predefined workload clusters in advance, including big data, video streaming, or machine learning, in addition to the default configuration. The N4200 has the ability to measure its workload during operation. Swissbit uses this measurement as a starting point to offer an additional option in the form of an workload analysis, together with the firmware configuration that has been optimized to meet the requirements of the customer application in question. Swissbit developed this solution specifically to handle complex cloud applications, achieving the industry’s most stable throughput and lowest latency under real-world customer workloads, without any host modifications.

The 2.5-inch U.3 SSD is based on enterprise grade 3D TLC NAND (eTLC), is backward compatible with U.2, and features a 4-lane PCIe interface to PCIe 4.0 specification for up to 8,000 MB/s bandwidth in both directions. The N4200 is available with storage capacities of 7.68 TB and 15.4 TB.

Breakout Session: As part of the CloudFest agenda, Hansjürgen Binner, Technical Account Manager, will explain more about Swissbit’s data center solutions in his talk on “Disrupting the Data Center SSD Market with Custom Swissbit SSD Solution”. The session will take place on 21 March at 12:20 pm on the Arena Stage.

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