Net Universe becomes distribution partner for Swissbit’s FIDO2 solutions


Westford, Massachusetts, USA, January 31, 2024 – IT service provider Net Universe and Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of storage, security, and embedded IoT solutions, have entered a sales partnership. Net Universe is thus expanding its cybersecurity portfolio and will now offer Swissbit’s iShield Key product series for protecting online accounts with the strongest and most flexible hardware authentication, led by the hardware security token iShield Key Pro. Net Universe seamlessly integrates IT and logistics, offering global technology services alongside comprehensive logistics solutions and operating storage services within their own warehouses. They facilitate the shipping and collection of computer equipment to any destination worldwide, even in countries with stringent customs barriers.

“We are delighted to have found such an experienced and accomplished distribution partner in Net Universe, whose deep expertise in FIDO-related products provides an ideal foundation for our comprehensive FIDO2 solution portfolio and other security offerings. Together we empower customers to seamlessly implement Zero Trust security principles and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA), thus accelerating the adoption of FIDO2-based authentication across all business operations”, says Kai Imgenberg, Director Sales, Embedded IoT Solutions Americas.

iShield Key Pro – more than just another FIDO security stick

The iShield Key Pro provides robust protection for online accounts to facilitate secure access to websites, applications, services, and corporate networks. It supports multiple security standards including FIDO2, HOTP (Hash-based One-Time Password), TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password), and PIV (Personal Identity Verification). This versatility makes it suitable for various scenarios, including offline environments or for implementing specific security requirements. Additionally, the iShield Key Pro is the only FIDO2 security tool on the market that can be used for physical access control. With the upcoming FIPS 140-3, it provides the highest cryptographic security in the industry. It is currently available with a USB-A interface, with a USB-C version planned for release soon.

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