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Swissbit North America Update: Westford, MA – our new home base

02/12/2021 by Grady Lambert

Swissbit North America in Westwood, MA
As you may know, Swissbit has been active in the North American market since 2003. In 2014, we opened our R&D location and SSD development center in Westford, Massachusetts and have continuously expanded our activities and grown our business over the years. In early 2022, our Westford office location will gain even more importance, as it is set to become the official headquarters of Swissbit NA Inc. “Why is that?” you might ask.

By bringing our sales, R&D and corporate resources together in one location, we will achieve greater synergy and scalability. Furthermore, we continue to invest in our greatest asset in North America: our people and support infrastructure. Combining these functions under one roof in Westford, MA allows us to scale Swissbit even further and provide greater support and services to our partners and customers.

Feel free to contact us any time at the usual contact details and make sure to visit us in Westford when you’re in the neighborhood. We look forward to it. swissbit

Swissbit NA Inc.
238 Littleton Road, Suite 202B
Westford, MA 01886
Phone: 978-490-3252