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New! Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi now available for CM3+ and 4

03/08/2021 by

I’m happy to announce that our secure boot solution for the Raspberry Pi is now also available for the versions CM3+ and 4. You can download the updated SDK versions directly on our website.

Initially launched in May 2020, our solution for encryption and access protection of data on a Raspberry Pi was suitable for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3B+ only. That's why we are pleased to expand the range of applications even further with this update.

The Swissbit solution is an easy-to-implement security system based on a long-lasting flash memory suitable for industrial applications. This way, hardware-based security functions can be implemented independently of the CPU and with high flexibility – even retrospectively. The solution consists of a PS-45u DP microSD card and a software development kit. It encrypts the data in hardware and allows access only via a flexible configurable authentication function, which unlocks further access to the data carrier in the pre-boot phase.

You can implement security policies in three different ways: via PIN input, via the USB authentication dongle Swissbit USB-Stick PU-50n DP ‘Raspberry Edition’, or via a NET Policy Server.

Please note: Raspberry Pi 4 supports PIN and NET policy only.

If you want to learn more about the solution, I highly recommend the following video review from the experts at Elektor Magazine (please note: the video was made before our update on versions CM3+ and 4). In case you want to get a Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi yourself, it’s available online through Mouser Electronics, Farnell and Digi-Key Electronics.