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Introducing: Latest 100+ layer industrial grade 3D TLC e.MMC and SD Memory Card Solutions

01/08/2023 by Martin Schreiber

Promo Image EM-30, S-5x Series

Many IoT devices and embedded electronics require an ever-increasing amount of non-volatile storage for boot software, applications, machine/user configurations, or media data. That's where our latest 3D TLC modules come into play. Whether it's the removable S-50/56(u) SD Memory Cards or solder-down EM-30/36 eMMC modules, they are the perfect solution for increasing storage needs and are both powered by the latest generation of industrial-grade NAND technology, ensuring top-notch performance as well as Swissbit's typical long-lasting availability. With these modules, we provide both the capacity and security required for applications that need to function flawlessly in the most demanding environmental conditions for many years. Designed and optimized specifically for intensive write operations, these new series are particularly well-suited for industrial data logging applications. Let me dive into some details:

EM-30/36 Series: Unleashing Full Potential

The EM-30/36 e.MMC series, compliant with the JEDEC e.MMC 5.1 Standard, provides exceptional performance and reliability in a compact form factor. Ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB (512GB on request), these modules offer ample storage capacity for boot software, applications, and machine/user configurations. With sequential data rates of up to 300 MB/s for reading and 230 MB/s for writing, the BGAs are ideal for demanding industrial data logging applications. Equipped with robust firmware architecture, including features like Auto Read Refresh and Power Fail Protection, these modules ensure data integrity throughout their extended lifetime. The new EM-30/36 series also offers automotive grade temperature up to 105°C as well as AEC-Q100-2 certification required by in-car use cases.

Unrivaled Performance and Reliability: S-50/56(u) SD Memory Cards

Our S-50/56 SD and microSD Memory Cards combine exceptional performance, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Fully compliant with SD Memory Card specification 6.10, the cards support high-speed modes, UHS-I, and Speed Class 10/U3/V30/A2. Capacities range from 64 GB to 512 GB. The cards deliver sequential data rates of up to 98 MB/s for reading and 39 MB/s for writing.


With this new e.MMC and SD Memory Card solutions we are bringing the performance and reliability of large SSDs to embedded systems at a cost-effective 3D TLC NAND price point. Whether you choose the solder-down or removable form factor, you can expect exceptional endurance and low power consumption, thanks to Swissbit's innovative pSLC versions (EM-36 and S-56). The modules not only outperform SLC or MLC benchmarks but also ensure data integrity and reliability throughout their entire lifetime, even in challenging conditions.

The robustness is not limited to protection from environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock, or vibration, its firmware capabilities make sure that even the smallest bits of data written to the storage device are secure and stored reliably over an extended lifetime.

From IoT to Avionics

Although there is a strong momentum and industry trend towards the usage of ultra-compact BGA storage modules, there are still unrivaled advantages of removable storage cards like SD or microSD. Replaceability certainly has a point in applications that operate 24/7 and where swift maintenance is key to keep the machines running to generate revenue. On the other hand, battery-powered IoT devices, such as industrial handhelds or Dash/Body Cams have to shrink further in size and last longer to reduce battery charging cycles. Especially IoT devices that are connected to cloud services for data exchange and secure OTA updates are increasingly moving to low-powered eMMC storage.

Solder-down or removable, with our latest product upgrades many applications can benefit from the Swissbit value add and security. Whether it's automotive infotainment systems, ADAS, instrument clusters, video recording, avionics, EV charging, factory/industrial automation, routers, and switches, IoT, medical systems, or healthcare, the EM-30/36 and S-50/56(u) series offer the reliability and endurance required for critical operations.

Experience the power of Swissbit's advanced memory solutions and ensure secure and long-lasting data storage for your applications. Sounds promising? Then just get in contact, we are looking forward to your request.