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Clearing the Fog: Swissbit's EM-30 e.MMC Compatibility Guide for Seamless System Integration

05/03/2024 by Alexander Lenz

In the world of embedded systems, ensuring compatibility between your host chipset and an e.MMC can often feel like navigating through a dense fog. The challenge of finding a harmonious match between e.MMC devices and host chips is not just a time-consuming endeavor but also a costly one, given that e.MMCs need to be soldered onto the PCB and aren't easily interchangeable in a test setup. The pursuit of compatibility can lead to the construction of multiple test systems or the investment in specialized Grypper sockets, all adding to the overhead.

Understanding the critical nature of this challenge, Swissbit has taken a significant step forward to aid developers and engineers in their quest for the right e.MMC by compiling a comprehensive Host Chipset Compatibility List for our esteemed EM-30 e.MMC series. This initiative is designed to significantly cut down on your development time and costs, guiding you toward a more efficient and reliable system development process.

The EM-30 Series

The EM-30 series from Swissbit is meticulously engineered for industrial applications and other demanding use cases that require ultra-small, robust designs with high memory capacity. Leveraging industrial-grade 3D-NAND technology, the EM-30 series offers a wide temperature range of -40°C to +105°C and is available in capacities ranging from 4GB to 256GB. These devices are not just about storage; they bring to the table enhanced features such as remote secure firmware updates and an extended lifespan, making them perfect for diverse applications from networking equipment to industrial automation, IoT devices, automotive systems, and medical instruments.

Why Swissbit?

Swissbit stands out as the only European entity with the capability to produce e.MMCs, providing unparalleled service and customization options and other data storage solutions to perfectly align with your application requirements. Whether it's firmware or hardware adaptations, Swissbit is equipped to meet your needs.

The Compatibility Guide

To ensure that the EM-30 series works seamlessly with your chosen host, Swissbit has conducted extensive testing across a variety of host controller chipsets. For a host to be deemed compatible, the e.MMC must successfully pass a series of rigorous tests, including read/write operations, performance benchmarks, file system integrity checks, and the ability to boot the operating system successfully from the e.MMC. All evaluations were performed at ambient temperatures to simulate real-world conditions.

This Host Chipset Compatibility List is not exhaustive but serves as a foundational guide to assist in your selection process. Should you have a host chip not listed, Swissbit is more than willing to explore and test for compatibility, ensuring you have the support needed to make informed decisions. If that's the case, just contact us directly.

Download the Compatibility List

This valuable resource is designed to streamline your development process, helping you save time and reduce costs. Click here to access the document and take the first step toward a more efficient and compatible embedded system solution.