Industry Products


Swissbit‘s embedded memory and storage solutions are the perfect fit for demanding embedded applications.  They offer the highest reliability and quality. Swissbit‘s strategic cooperation with suppliers allows for long-term availability of products. To guarantee high-quality standards, each product undergoes thorough functional testing before being released for shipment.
The broad portfolio with different NAND technologies and industry-dedicated features guarantee the right solution for each embedded use case.



Memory and non-volatile storage solutions for embedded applications must provide reliable operation even in the most extreme conditions: temperature, shock, and vibration. As such, both the qualification cycle and the support life cycle needed for these products by far exceed those of devices designed for typical consumer applications. The variety of form factors and interfaces used in embedded systems range from 2.5” SSDs to Compact Flash™ to e.MMC, all of which are available and long-term supported from Swissbit.

Typical applications

  • Industrial automation
  • Energy distribution
  • Energy consumption
  • Smart grid
  • Infotainment
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace and defense