Industrial Internet of things


Memory and non-volatile storage solutions for edge computing must work uninterrupted and with long service interval. Edge computing systems experience wide temperature ranges, shock, and vibration. Remotely installed sensors, actuators and communication channels need to have local storage for pre-processing of big data, temporary storage for optimized network usage and format conversion. Stored data must be protected against manipulation or theft. The storage product must provide a high bandwidth for small block write operations.
The life time status of the storage device must be controllable by local maintenance routines.



Swissbit provides the perfect rugged and reliable small form factor storage products for edge computing systems.
The Swissbit SD, microSD, e.MMC and USB products provide the right storage capacity, longevity and operation temperature range for remotely installed systems. The Swissbit durabit™ and everbit™ storage products excel with superior write IOPS rates and provide highest endurance.

Swissbit security products can be used as a TPM-like, HW based root of trust to give IIot devices a unique ID and protect access, boot code, communication and stored data.

Typical applications

  • Industrial connectivity
  • Industry 4.0
  • Remote Sensors
  • Remote Actuators
  • Surveillance