Reliably Storing and Protecting Data

As trusted partner Swissbit empowers the digital and connected world by reliably storing and protecting data in industrial, security and IoT applications. Swissbit develops and manufactures real industrial storage and security products “Made in Germany” with long-term availability, high reliability, custom optimization and low total cost of ownership.

Our Competence

Storage Products

Storage Products

Swissbit provides the full portfolio of SSDs, Storage Cards and USB products in all common NAND technologies.

Security Products

Security Products

Swissbit security products provide easy, upgradeable solutions to add HW based security to your system.



System-in-Package (SiP) is the processing of sensitive bare dies or chips into robust finished modules or components.

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Swissbit launches PCIe Gen5 SSD for data center and enterprise applications

Swissbit introduces its first PCIe Gen5 SSD with the launch of the D2200 series. Designed for enterprise servers and edge data centers, this series offers outstanding performance with up to 14 GB/s for sequential read and 10 GB/s for sequential write. The new SSD also excels in energy efficiency, delivering a sequential read performance of up to 970 MB/s per watt. The D2200 will be available in U.2 and E1.S form factors with storage capacities of 8 TB and 16 TB in late August.

Made in Germany

Production of flash storage and security solutions



23/07/2024 by Chris Collier

Authentication Basics: 7 Benefits of Using Hardware Tokens for MFA

In his latest blog post of the "Authentication Basics" series, Chris Collier explores the essentials of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and points out how and why hardware tokens provide unparalleled security and ease of use. Discover why these physical devices are a top choice for robust online protection against phishing and other cyber threats.

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