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Press 2018


There’s life in the old dog yet!

Bronschhofen, Switzerland. December 13, 2018 – Swissbit is currently promoting the C-500, C-56 and C-50 models – its latest CompactFlash™ product ranges that introduce state-of-the-art flash memory technology into the old data media format.


Swissbit SD memory card in “Deep Well Imaging” project

Bronschhofen, Switzerland. September 25, 2018 – Swissbit AG provided a 32GB S-450 SD memory card to Hitwell Deep Well Imaging, Inc to test “High-Temperature Grade” video usability.


Expansion of Flash Memory Production in Berlin kick-started

Bronschhofen (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany), August 27, 2018 – Construction has begun on Swissbit’s new R&D and manufacturing facility. All of the company’s flash memory products are exclusively produced in Germany. A symbolic groundbreaking ceremony on 31 July 2018 initiated the planned tripling of the production capacity at the CleanTech Business Park location in Berlin-Marzahn, Germany.


Hiddn Solutions ASA and Swissbit AG cooperate

Bronschhofen, Switzerland. 14 August 2018 – Swissbit AG has been chosen as a volume production partner for Norwegian high-end-encryption solutions provider Hiddn Solutions ASA. In a Letter of Intent, the two memory experts agreed to locate series production of Hiddn product solutions at Swissbit’s manufacturing facility in Berlin, Germany.


Swissbit Highlights Memory Solutions For Harsh Environments

Bronschhofen (Switzerland), July 19, 2018  Swissbit AG will be exhibiting its latest memory innovations at the Flash Memory Summit 2018 in Santa Clara, California (August 7-9, 2018). On booth #419 of the Santa Clara Convention Center, Swissbit will launch its latest 3D-NAND-based memory solutions for industrial temperature grades including the PCIe M.2-Module N-10m2 and a new 2.5” SATA SSD.


Bucking the trend

Bronschhofen, Switzerland. June 21, 2018 – The race is on for the highest density SD memory cards. Consumer products with 512 GB can be purchased online, and even higher densities are coming to market. Swissbit is now pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new 128 MB Multimedia Card (MMC) named M-120 that extends the availability of low density products at the other end of the capacity scale. For Swissbit this is just another consistent step towards fulfilling its commitment for highest customer service.


Mobile, designed for industrial use and secure

Bronschhofen (Switzerland), May 29, 2018 – Swissbit is pleased to announce the introduction of a new product range of USB 3.1 flash drives. The new USB sticks fulfill the tough requirements of flash memory for industrial use.


Swissbit and Hagiwara Solutions enter into Strategic Partnership

Bronschhofen (Switzerland), Nagoya (Japan), April 30, 2018 – Swissbit AG, a leading manufacturer of industrial flash memory solutions, and Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. announce their cooperation for security ventures.

Publications 2018


Veröffentlicht in: BusinessLink.ch, online, Dezember 2018

Swissbit ist führender Hersteller hochwertiger Speicherlösungen für industrielle Anwendungen. Intelligente Features wie “Power Fail Protection”, “Data Care Management” oder “Page Based Mapping” gewährleisten maximale Zuverlässigkeit und Langlebigkeit und unterscheiden Swissbit von herkömmlichen Speicherprodukten. Zudem wird jedes einzelne der im Swissbit Werk in Berlin hergestellten Produkte unter extremen Bedingungen (Hitze, Kälte, Vibration etc.) ausgiebig getestet.


Veröffentlicht in: E&E, Faszination Elektronik, online, Oktober 2018

Safety Engineering
Hubertus Grobbel, Leiter des Geschäftsbereichs Security Products bei der Swissbit AG

Die rasant zunehmende Vernetzung von Embedded-Systemen im Internet of Things wirft zusätzliche Sicherheitsfragen auf.
Gleichzeitig bestehen Risiken wie illegale Softwarekopien oder missbräuchliche Nutzung von Systemen fort.
Softwarelösungen alleine bieten keinen ausreichenden Schutz.


Veröffentlicht in: Lichtenberg Marzahn plus, online, August 2018

Swissbit Germany legt los
Symbolischer Spatenstich im CleanTech Business Park

Marzahn. Trotz sengender Mittagssonne am wohl wärmsten Tag dieses Jahres wurde an der Bitterfelder Straße kräftig zugepackt. Der erste Spatenstich für den neuen Unternehmenssitz der Swissbit Germany AG erfolgte am Dienstag, 31. Juli – allerdings nur symbolisch. Denn die Arbeiten für das Gebäude mit rund 10.000 Quadratmeter Grundfläche (für Entwicklung, Fertigung und Büro) haben bereits begonnen. Betonpfeiler auf dem Areal lassen schon die Ausmaße des Gebäudes erahnen.


Published in: electronicspecifier online, 31st January 2018

At embedded world 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany (27th February to 1st March 2018), security will be the focus for Swissbit. On booth 1-534 in hall 1, Swissbit will showcase its ranges of SSDs, CFast cards, eMMc as well as SD and micro SD memory cards for industrial use. Usecases for flash memory solutions with secure element that offer legally protected and secure data and communication protection as well as easy retrofitting and upgradability, will be highlighted at the booth.


Published in: smt.iconnect007 online, January 16th, 2018

Networking devices and machinery is in full swing. However, despite all the Industry 4.0 enthusiasm, there are voices of caution: Secure your communication. For this, identification of the participants is one requirement and special SD cards offer a surprisingly simple and flexible solution—ready for post-quantum cryptography.

For IT security experts, the three steps that open a “secure channel” are obvious: identification, authentication and authorization. A two-step authentication process can significantly improve security. The token used for authentication can also be used for encrypting the communication content.