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Swissbit's Industrial MICRO SD Memory Cards are specifically designed, manufactured and tested to
withstand extreme environmental conditions. Each of our product series is designed for a specific application with its unique requirements towards longevity, life time, endurance, temperature, data retention or cost. In addition to the fully Industrial MICRO SD Memory Cards such as the S-200u, Swissbit has developed the S-40u which targets lower endurance cost sensitive, high volume applications where data reliability over the full life-cycle up to 10 years is a critical concern. The S-40u MICRO SD cards are Swissbit's latest series of Industrial MICRO SD Memory Cards and are specifically designed, manufactured and qualified for high density, cost sensitive applications with a lower write endurance requirements. The combination of MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND Flash with an optimized Flash controller and firmware allow for long data retention and long life cycles despite the write endurance limitations of MLC. The special firmware features in the S-40u series include powerful built-in Error Correction, read retry, background Data Care Management, randomizer, sophisticated Wear Leveling & Bad Block Managementalgorithms and power fail protection. They offer industry leading write endurance and through the implementation of the UHS-I interface, allow for data transfer rates of up to 80 MB/s. All of Swissbit's MICRO SD cards can withstand extreme environmental conditions. They are designed to maximum mechanical stability and enhanced ESD protection. Furthermore, the hard gold SD connectors will last a minimum of 20,000 insertions.

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